Well it’s over, Manny Pacquiao reclaimed the WBO Welterweight Title that Timothy Bradley took from him via controversial split decision back in 2012. Bradley started off strong, landing big shots and looking for the knockout — but it never came. Pacquiao’s speed, technical prowess and calmness eventually frustrated Bradley and the margin widened. Relive Saturday night’s major boxing event in this round-by-round highlight reel.

Read ProMMAnow.com’s play-by-play commentary of Pacquiao vs. Bradley 2, as well as undercard results.

2 thoughts on “Pacquiao vs. Bradley 2 full fight video highlights”
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  2. Teddy atlas, the pacquiao hater. Atlas picked bradley; did you hear him say he was wrong? No, but he managed to find something to criticise manny for.
    He says manny is not the ‘old manny’; the ‘old manny’ would have knocked bradley out. Well, if he thinks the ‘old manny’ would have knocked out this undefeated fighter, in his prime, and a fighter who just beat a very tough provodnikov and marquez,………
    then answer me this. Why did he critisize the old manny? Today, he uses the ‘old manny’ to demean the ‘current manny’, yet the ‘old manny’ he demeaned for some other retarded reason. This asshole just hates manny for what reason i don’t know.
    Only a total piece of crap like teddy would never let up on a guy who has done everything asked of him, including beating top caliber opponents that were fighting 20 to 30 lbs. heavier than manny their entire career. Manny comes from the philippines and relative obscurity, and one by one defeats all the best fighters in 5 different weight divisions. He won an unprecendented 8 titles in 8 different divisions, the only person ever to accomplish that; yet teddy criticises him. Only a jerk like teddy would constantly ridicule a guy who has done more for the sport than anybody, who is the most humble human around, who is kind and respectful to opponents that trash-talked against him. Only teddy could try to minimize the accomplishments of a 13 year old boy, who left his mother without her knowledge nor permission, to go to manila to try to help his family. When he arrived, he had no money nor a bed. For 4 years he was homeless, scraping up a few pennies to survive doing any dirty task he could find. At 16, he found a way to hang around a filthy old gym where boxers worked out. Manny was 16 and weighed all of 90 lbs. He finally got to workout, eventually got to have his first fight. He almost lost the opportunity, because at 98 lbs. he was 8 lbs under the minimum allowable to fight. He hid coins and other metal in his shoes/clothes , so he could make weight. He knocked out that first opponent, and from those most humble beginnings, he became the world class,……….. I say worlds’ best fighter. Yet teddy atlas, the rottenest bastard on earth, still chooses to find fault with manny pacquiao.
    Let me just say this teddy,……….. if you were half the man that manny is, you’d realize what a horses-ass sorry half-wit you are. That’s not as bad as i really think of you, but i’m giving you a break you don’t deserve. Next time, try to figure out who will win a fight , and keep your mouth shut if you can’t be decent. You can’t do your job very well, you’re slipping too you old fart.

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