Tech Tuesday: Was ‘Fable Anniversary’ worth the wait?



Fable Anniversary includes the original game, as well as The Lost Chapters expansion that released a year later. Fable casts the player as a hero in a fantasy world, though the term “hero” doesn’t necessarily mean you’re noble; heroes in the Fable universe try to build renown through good or bad deeds. Using a combination of magic, swordplay, and archery, you complete quests and build a reputation. Your persona might be built upon benevolent acts, like defending those in need. Alternately, it might be built on evil acts, like stealing and exploiting the weak. Regardless of the path you choose, the story chronicles your hero’s rise to prominence and – in The Lost Chapters missions following the original game – the events after your legend is secure.

What I loved about the original game was the sheer epic feel of the product. Choices that affected your destiny, deep storyline, and beautiful graphics for the time. When this was announced I was very excited. So was Joe Juba of Game Informer who had the following to say about the re-release.

“My first trip to Albion was my favorite. Though the series continues to evolve, none of the later installments have the magic of the original Fable and its mixture of action, fantasy, and storybook sensibilities. Fable Anniversary is a faithful recreation of the things that made the first entry special, giving old and new players the opportunity to experience the adventure with some modern touches.”

I agree wholeheartedly. The sequels just didn’t have what it took to recapture the magic of the original, but this updated version does a good job of bringing some of that back. The graphics got a true overhaul as you can see from the bottom screenshot comparison. The original Fable is on the left and the updated is on the right. Quite a difference and a welcome change.



Joe summed up the gameplay nicely.

“Even with its imperfections, Fable Anniversary is still the best available way to replay this classic. The development team has clear dedication to the source material. How that affection failed to transfer to the technical performance is a mystery, but Fable is still a great game, and Albion definitely looks better in this edition. As long as you don’t expect anything more from Fable Anniversary, you won’t be disappointed.”

What are your thoughts on the update? Good or Bad? Comment and let us know.


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