By: Terry Callihan

Spartan Fighting Championship owner/promoter Terry Callihan

There is one thing I have learned in the MMA business. If you don’t like how things are just wait a minute and it will change.

Matchmaking is an art in my opinion; a very frustrating, time consuming but rewarding art.

I have never had a fight card wind up being what it started out to be, so many hurdles to jump along the way.

For SFC 13 we want the best regional talent on the card. We will not accept anything but that. In trying to make that happen you have to be able to change direction on a dime.

A training camp for these elite fighters brings about a whole variety of different things that play into matching fights and making things happen.

The most common thing that plagues us is injury. It takes the wind out of your sails as you get closer to the event and someone pulls out. That is why I have learned to always have a number two, maybe a number three and an idea of who to go to for number four.

Managers play a big role. In my head I know what I want to see in a fight. I regularly talk to fans and others in the business and get their opinions. Sometimes though what the people want to see is not what the managers want to see. I get that, I really do.

Careers are being built and reputations are on the line. That is why I really try to work with the best. Dustin Ware, Brian Furby and several others really do a good job at helping make our fights top notch.

You have to have a good relationship with these guys or you’ll be in deep water without a paddle. Sometimes it takes several different versions of fights to find the one that makes everyone happy.

We are always looking for solid talent across the nation. We want to make GREAT fights happen. So our flexibility has to be on point. Sometimes things are just out of your hands.

We have always handled our tickets internally; printed, sold and gathered at the gate. Not this time. We are going through and are at their mercy.

So when we announced tickets were going on sale and they didn’t, it was time to scramble. We worked hand in hand and stayed in constant communication with the good people there. Finally we were able to work through the change. Tickets are now on sale and we are happy to report they are doing well.

I am a control freak. I think that is because I know what I want Spartan to be and where I want it to go. I have learned though that I have to be able to adapt and to overcome.

If you’re in this business long you will have to be able to bend a little and be ready to switch gears at any moment. SFC 13 feels like years away but in reality it is only about a month away and we are ready to change , adapt and make it the best we have ever done.

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