Journey through Thailand video blog – part 4

By: Jacob Klensin

The fourth part of the “Journey Through Thailand” series comes straight from Tiger Muay Thai in Phuket, Thailand. Tiger is a huge camp that on a daily basis exposes countless new people to Muay Thai, while simultaneously training seasoned pros.

It was no doubt hugely different from my experiences in Buriram. Up north the camp was small, with one ring, a few bags, and about a dozen young fighters. Tiger has, I believe seven rings, bags for days, and a few hundred people training at all times.

But don’t let the size or presence of foreigners fool you, the Muay Thai is every bit as real and the love for it is every bit as strong. One week there was nowhere near enough time for me to scratch the surface, and I only just began getting to know a number of the trainers and fighters before it was time to leave.

The good news is, it sounds likely that I’ll be returning next year to continue this work and expand it to as of yet determined levels. I’ve begun what will be the very long trip home, but I will be bringing you another one of these videos as I make it through that trip and as I work through and digest everything I’ve done in the last month. Thank you so much for watching, and as always, thanks to

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Documentary photographer Jacob Klensin (@JacobKlensin) is in Thailand for a month immersing himself in Muay Thai culture while traveling the country and training at some of the most respected and renowned gyms. Jacob is sharing his experience with ( readers exclusively in his “Journey through Thailand” video blog series.