Superior Cage Combat 2 weigh-in results and photo gallery

Josh Neer (left) and Blas Avena face off at the Superior Cage Combat 2 weigh-ins at the Orleans on Friday. Photo by Kristyn Adamakis for

LAS VEGAS  — The weigh-ins for Superior Cage Combat 2 took place inside of the Orleans Casino in Las Vegas on Friday. ( was LIVE on the scene to record the weigh-in results, shoot photos and video of the proceedings.

Despite stepping on the scales over an hour later than the scheduled 5 p.m. start, things went smoothly from there. All of the fighters scheduled to do battle inside the Orleans Arena tonight ended up coming in at or under the agreed-upon weight limits, with main event fighters Josh Neer (30-10) and Blas Avena (7-4), as well as co-main event competitors John Alessio (31-14) and Shawn Fitzsimmons (6-6) all coming in exactly at 170 lbs.

Fitzsimmons was a last minute replacement for Wacchiim Spiritwolf, who officially pulled out of the fight only two days prior with a shoulder injury. He faces an extremely tough challenge against the veteran Alessio, who has had almost four times as many professional fights in his career as the young upstart.

James Birdsley (37-11), who is featured in a 160 lb. catchweight bout against John Gunderson (31-12), initially weighed in at 162 lbs. with only a towel draped across him, but was able to lose the superfluous pound within the hour limit allotted by the attending officers of the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

UFC veteran Chase Gormley (7-3), a last minute replacement for the injured Brice Ritani, weighed in at a whopping 275 pounds, well outside the typical 265 lb. heavyweight limit. As Superior Cage Combat claimed on their official Twitter account that “All fighters made weight”, it is safe to assume Gormley’s opponent,  Beau Tribolet (6-1), agreed to a higher catchweight. Tribolet himself weighed in at 236 lbs., putting him at a staggering 39-pound weight disadvantage.

Superior Cage Combat 2 will not be broadcast or streamed live Saturday night, but will be recorded for future TV replay, likely in the Vegas market only. Rest assured, as ( will have LIVE play-by-play and quick results tonight starting at 7 p.m. PT for this card featuring several former UFC stars.

The official weigh-in results for Superior Cage Combat 2 are:


  • Welterweight Main Event: Josh Neer (170) vs. Blas Avena (170)
  • Welterweight Co-Main Event: John Alessio (170) vs. Shawn Fitzsimmons (170)
  • Lightweight Feature Attraction: Justin Buchholz (155) vs. Thiago Meller (155)
  • 160 lb Catchweight Fight: John Gunderson (161) vs. James Birdsley (161)
  • Middleweight Fight: Victor Moreno (184) vs. Bristol Marunde (185.5)


  • Middleweight Fight: Elvis Mutapcic (185) vs. Cezar Ferreira (185)
  • 275 lb Catchweight Fight: Chase Gormley (275) vs. Beau Tribolet (236)
  • Welterweight Fight: Danny Davis Jr. (169) vs. Mike Dizak (170)
  • Lightweight Fight: David Bollea (155) vs. Jimmy Jones (152)

[All photos by Kristyn Adamakis for]

[All photos by Kristyn Adamakis for]

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