Zoila Frausto vs. Karina Hallinan 2 (Video)

At Bellator 35, 115-pound champion Zoila Frausto picked up her second victory over Karina Hallinan via unanimous decision. Despite her best efforts, the fight did not make the broadcast on MTV2.

She does not seem happy about it either. On Saturday, she took to her Twitter, @zoilafrausto, and vented about her lack of television time.

Wow… I think these guys are awesome, but it boggles my mind how Bellator airs a prelim fight but not their World Champions???

What does a woman have 2 do 2 get what she deserves? I did the IMPOSSIBLE last year & still don’t get the attention I deserve.

Luckily for her, it appears as if someone from her team decided to video tape the fight and posted it on youtube. Watch it now, because Bellator is usually very quick to protect their product and remove these types of videos.

Part 1

Part 2