Robbery of 2009: Beebe vs. Easton Decision

Judging and the way fights are scored in MMA became one of the hot topics in 2009 for fans and pundits. It seems as if the end of every UFC event was followed by people saying “someone got robbed” or “the ten-point-must system must go.” However, in 2009, there was no judging failure that could compare to the decision in the Chase Beebe vs. Mike Easton fighter – the Robbery of 2009.

The decision was terrible. It was so obviously wrong that it could not even be considered “hometown cooking.” Beebe clearly won four of the five rounds and even Easton’s biggest supporters couldn’t claim he won more than two.

The decision was terrible. Mike Easton, the most popular fighter in the DC metro area, was booed loudly less than an hour from his home city. The fans who paid to see him fight knew that he did not deserve to win.

He is a brilliant prospect, who will make noise in the bantamweight division before his career is over. However, this decision might prove tougher to overcome than a simple loss.

The decision was terrible. Beebe actually talked about considering retirement prior to this fight. The former WEC champion has now lost five in a row, when his record should be a somewhat better 1-4.

The decision was terrible. The Ultimate Warrior Challenge is a growing promotion that has done a great job promoting MMA in the DC area. Their cards have been available online, and each show has brought in around 5,000 fans. Now the promotion is known for this mess and not by its respectable record.

The terrible decision made waves in the MMA world. Multiple media sources investigate the Virginia commission and found them to be incompetent. However, the UFC must not have seen those reports. They are hosting a show at the very same area on Jan. 20.

A lot of these 2009 awards stand out, but this is one that will not be topped in the New Year.

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