“WEC 46: Varner vs. Henderson” takes place this Sunday night, Jan. 10, 2010, at the Arco Arena in Sacramento, Calif. Making his third WEC appearance, after nearly a year-and-a-half layoff, is 27-year-old Canadian fighter Mark “The Machine” Hominick (16-8). “The Machine” will be fighting Strikeforce veteran Bryan Caraway (14-3), who is making his WEC debut.

After a successful two-fight stint in the UFC, where he defeated Yves Edwards and Jorge Gurgel at lightweight, Mark Hominick decided to pack his bags and leave. To this day, he has to be one of the few fighters ever to willingly leave the UFC, undefeated inside the Octagon.

ProMMA.info (www.promma.info) had the privilege of speaking to Mark Hominick this week, and he explained why he chose to walk away from the UFC. We also discussed his upcoming fight with Caraway, as well as his opinion on the Varner vs. Henderson main event, and much more. Meet “The Machine”…

WWW.PROMMA.INFO: Hello Mark. Thank you for speaking with us at ProMMA.info (www.promma.info). You have a pretty big fight coming up this weekend at WEC 46 against Bryan Caraway. What does this fight mean to you, and how important is it for you at this stage of your career and why?
MARK HOMINICK:  I am treating this fight like the most important of my career since this is my re-introduction back into the WEC since my last fight in Affliction and starting off my path back to proving that I am one of the best in this division. I am as hungry as I have ever been and very eager to get in there and show the improvements in my game.

WWW.PROMMA.INFO: Unlike a lot of guys who move into the WEC after having fought in the UFC, you never lost in the UFC. In fact, you defeated Yves Edwards and Jorge Gurgel, two pretty big names, while in the UFC. So, I’m sure a lot of people are wondering, me included, why you are no longer fighting in the UFC, and what prompted the move? Most people try a plan B when they lose, but you didn’t lose.
MARK HOMINICK: I have fought at 145 lbs. my entire career and it is my true weight class and where I feel most comfortable. Fighting in the UFC was a great opportunity and I made the best of it with two wins but I feel I can be a world champion at 145 and that is my goal is this sport. Aside from that my teammate Sam Stout fights at 155 lbs., and fights for the UFC.

WWW.PROMMA.INFO: Sam just had an amazing fight this past weekend. Do you ever feel like maybe you should have stayed at 155 lbs. and would you consider fighting at 155 lbs. in the WEC?
MARK HOMINICK: Again, I feel most comfortable at 145 and believe that is where I can be a world champion at. My goal right now is face top competition and I am committed to doing that at 145 lbs.

WWW.PROMMA.INFO: Okay, that makes sense. Looking at the two current WEC champs at 145 and 155, Varner and Aldo; which one of them do you think would be the better match-up for you and why?
MARK HOMINICK:  Aldo I believe is a better matchup for me since he is willing and able to exchange on the feet and moves very similar to myself on his feet. That is my goal to climb the ladder leading to him.

WWW.PROMMA.INFO: How do you see the Varner vs. Henderson fight going this Sunday?
MARK HOMINICK: I was really impressed with Henderson in his last fight and I believe he can pull it off against Varner. He has always been known as a great wrestler and ground fighter, but in his last fight he showed great improvement in his striking. If he can keep Varner guessing I think he takes the W.

WWW.PROMMA.INFO: Of course, first things first, you have Bryan Caraway this weekend. What does he bring to the table and how do you see the fight going?
MARK HOMINICK: My opponent brings an aggressive style and very scrappy attitude coming into this fight. He is one of those fighters that are tough to break and fight with a lot of heart and toughness. With that being said, I am prepared, have been in these fights before, and feel that my skills and improvements in my game are going to win this fight. I want to produce the kind of performance that everyone in the weight division takes notice of.

WWW.PROMMA.INFO: Have you seen Bryan fight before, and if so, what would you say impressed you the most about him?
MARK HOMINICK: I have seen a few of Bryan’s fights in Strikeforce and he is strong everywhere but not great in any one area. He has mental toughness and doesn’t give in, but my goal is to break that within him.

WWW.PROMMA.INFO: If you were Caraway’s coach and you could give him one piece of advice going into a fight against Mark Hominick, what would tell him?
MARK HOMINICK: Be ready for war.

WWW.PROMMA.INFO: Where are you training these days, who are your coaches, and who helped you prepare for this fight?
MARK HOMINICK: I have trained for this fight with a lot of great coaches both in Canada at The Adrenaline Training Center and in Las Vegas at TapOut. In Canada I have been working with GSP’s old Greco Coach Nick Johnson, BJJ Coach Rowan Cunningham, Clint Kingsbury, Strength and Conditioning Coach Brian Fletcher and former world boxing champ Fitz “The Whip” Vanderpool. In Vegas camp is run by The Coach Shawn Tompkins, aided by BJJ Black Belt Keebo Robinson.

WWW.PROMMA.INFO: Mark, thank you for taking the time to talk to us at ProMMA.info (www.promma.info). Are there any sponsors you want to thank or do you want to give any shout outs?
MARK HOMINICK: Thanks to Denaro Sports Marketing for taking care of me as well as my coaches, students and fans!

By: Jack Bratcher

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