Weekend Wrap-Up: The unofficial PROMMA.INFO Sunday night link dump

Dumping out all this past week's MMA news we just didn't have time to get to (or maybe wasn't worth a real article).
Dumping out all this past week's MMA news that we didn't have time to get to (or didn't deserve a whole article).

In probably the oddest MMA interview I’ve ever seen, Gray Maynard talks about his herpes. Says he’s had it since he was a kid. WTF?? This should attract the chicks. Gray desperately needs a PR manager.

Listen to 77-year-old boxing promoter Bob Arum say MMA fighters look like homosexuals rolling around on the ground together. He says MMA fans are skinheads. The interviewer, Ariel Helwanni, happens to be Jewish and takes offense to the old man’s comments.

If you want to see some great grappling matches, check out Grapplers Quest’s Youtube channel. They have posted some of the best matches collected from their events over the years. MMA and UFC fans will recognize many of the names, and you will get to see how these guys perform on the ground.

If you haven’t seen War Machine’s fight versus Mikey Gomez at XFC 9, here’s the video as well as big “Beast Boy” Chris Barnett’s fight video against Daniel Perez.

If you want to know how the fight ended between War Machine and Mikey Gomez watch the controversy here in this GIF.

Cung Le via his Facebook wall says we might see him in the UFC soon!

Quinton Jackson lets out some anger on a door; door probably had bad breath.

PROMMA.INFO has a neat little discussion forum with all kinds of secret goodies as well as a fight video page with plenty of full events if you’re looking to watch some good MMA and some obscure fights.

Apparently Paul Buentello was offered $100,000 to fight Fedor Emelianenko plus another $50,000 if he won. He did not feel it was enough. Instead, it looks like Buentello will probably be going to the UFC according to a report from Mr. Gross.

Dan Henderson is still holding out for what he thinks he deserves before he re-signs with the UFC. Basically, he wants more money and an immediate shot at Anderson Silva. Although the former PRIDE champ is 3-2 since coming to the UFC, $100,000 to show and $150,000 to win (what he made against Bisping) must not be enough.

If you live in the Tennessee / Kentucky area, the Nashville MMA Examiner is a great place to go for local MMA news.

Bob Sapp will face Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou in Dream’s Super Hulk Tournament semi-finals.

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Spencer Pratt of “The Hills” fame may fight Jason Chambers of “Human Weapon” fame in Dream.

Sherdog is saying our buddy King Mo may fight Kevin Randleman at Sengoku in November.

Lil’ Nog is likely to face Luiz Cane at UFC 106 in November.

Some guy gets arrested for killing another guy with a rear-naked choke.

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