Dave Huckaba feels he is the true Gladiator Challenge Heavyweight Champion.

As PROMMA.INFO reported on Monday, California-based MMA promotion Gladiator Challenge stripped their heavyweight champion Dave Huckaba of his title citing “failure to honor his contract agreement.”

Huckaba was scheduled to defend his title against MMA legend Dan Severn on Aug. 22. According to Huckaba, he notified the promotion ahead of time he was injured. “I was hurt. I tried to tell Tedd (Gladiator Challenge owner Tedd Williams) two weeks before but he didn’t want to hear it,” Huckaba explained.

The former champ does not agree with the promotion’s decision to take away his title. “It is bullshit. Everybody knows who the champ is,” said Huckaba. “Until someone beats me they will never get that respect.”

Although Huckaba was unable to step in the cage with Severn on Aug. 22, he said he would still love to fight the mixed martial arts pioneer.

Losing his Gladiator Challenge title is a set back, but Huckaba foresees another championship victory in his near future. “Lots of promoters want me to fight now,” Huckaba said. “I have a title fight set for Nov. 21. I will get another belt.”

PROMMA.INFO did inquire of Gladiator Challenge as to exactly why Huckaba was stripped of his title but they had no further comment beyond the press release which stated “failure to honor his contract agreement.”

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