PRO MMA ( recently had the pleasure of catching up with our good friend Muhammed Lawal. Better known to MMA fans as “King Mo,”  Lawal was last in the ring back in March when he defeated a game Ryo Kawamura by unanimous decision at SENGOKU 7.

We wanted to find out how Mo’s knee surgery went, how his recent trip to American Top Team turned out, and if there was any word yet when we might see him back in the ring.

PRO MMA: How you doing Mo, what have you been up to since your last fight?
KING MO: I just been chillin in Dallas and doing rehab on my knee.

PRO MMA: You recently had knee surgery. How did it go and are you 100% recovered yet?
KING MO: My surgery went great… It was successful and I’m close to bein’ 100!

PRO MMA: The last we spoke you were on your way to American Top Team in Florida. Tell us about your trip and what that was like.
KING MO: The trip to ATT was great. They got some monsters over there. My brutha’ Kami is out there working with Pitbull. ATT treated me like a King. Great gym and I’m looking forward to going there and working out with them when I’m healthy! Whats up Benky! He put me through a tough workout while I was out there.

PRO MMA: Was that your first visit with ATT and how often do you see yourself going back there?
KING MO: That was my 2nd time at ATT and it won’t be my last time neither. I plan on going there after my fights to get some work in. Richie, Heydar, Pitbull, JZ, Carmelo, Santiago, Hector, Liborio, Gholar, Bone Saw, Marcus Aureilio, Pezao, etc. are all my friends.

PRO MMA: Are you the ultimate gym-hopper? It seems like you love traveling around to different gyms and taking the best of what they have to offer. Is that an accurate statement?
KING MO: I’m not that much of a gym hopper. I train at different gyms but I got my two regular gyms you can see me at; Lava Fitness with Melchor Menor, Throwdown with Dean Lister, and Fortune’s Gym with Justin Fortune.

PRO MMA: What are some of the gyms/camps out there you have not worked with that you would like to? Where do you think you may go to next to try out?
KING MO: That’s a good question. Golden Glory, Grabaka, and ATT.

PRO MMA: If you found a gym you just absolutely loved, could you see yourself settling down there or do you think it’s more beneficial to keep things fresh and new to keep traveling around?
KING MO: I think keepin’ things fresh is the best way to go cause you always get new and different looks.

PRO MMA: Anything else new going on you want to let the fans know about?
KING MO: I’m just chillin’ and still wearin’ Cage Fighter.

PRO MMA: I know you like to interact with your fans. Tell the peeps where to find you if they want to check in on King Mo.
KING MO: I be on Facebook and Myspace…Search for MO Lawal. If anyone is really interested in what I’m doing, they can look me up on Twitter. If they want the exclusive, they should send you an email and ask for my number, once they get my number, shoot me a text!

PRO MMA: Any word on when the MMA fans can see you back in the ring? Any possible opponents been named to face KING MO?
KING MO: There have been no opponents named as of yet.

PRO MMA: So who will be the first to know when you find out?
KING MO: You know whats up! Y’all will be the first to know what the deal is! PRO MMA will get the inside scoop!

PRO MMA: As always, thank you my friend.
KING MO: Thanks for havin’ me and I’m lookin’ forward to the next ones.

By: Jack Bratcher

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