The fans at the St. Petersburgh Times Forum in Tampa, FL were treated to an exciting, but short main event at XFC 6 – Clash Of The Continents on December 5, 2008. 

The South African Heavyweight champion, Rico Hattingh took on an undefeated prospect, Chad Corvin.  All the pre-fight hype was directed at Rico Hattingh.  After only 19 seconds of action, the only thing directed at the South African champion was medical assistance, and lots of it. He left the cage on a stretcher with his nose broken in four places. He couldn’t return to his native land for more than a month.

Chad Corvin, from Elizabethtown, KY, got his start in the sport of MMA following a street fight with an ending that neither he or his foe were satisfied with.  Shortly afterwards, he found out his foe had signed up for a local cagefighting event.  Chad followed suit.  The promotion’s matchmaker paired up the two, but his opponent never showed up for the fight.

None of Corvin’s professional fights have made it out of the first round. His combined fight time over four bouts is only 3:38. His upcoming opponent is undefeated in two professional fights with a combined fight time of only 1:39 with both victories via TKO.

PRO MMA ( had the opportunity to chat with Chad Corvin about the fight with Rico Hattingh, his fight at XFC 7, as well as what lies ahead.

PRO MMA: In the fight with South African Heavyweight champion, Rico Hattingh, most of the attention seemed to be focused on him. What was your mindset going into that fight?
Chad Corvin: I thought Rico would try to get the fight to the ground. I knew my best chance was in the standup. I wanted to keep the fight on my feet, and end it there.

PRO MMA: Did the fight go as you expected?
Chad Corvin: I had no idea it would end that quickly, but that’s what I always hope for.

PRO MMA: What are your goals for 2009?
Chad Corvin: Keep fighting opponents with a name.

PRO MMA: Do you have any heroes in the sport, or anyone you really look up to?
Chad Corvin: Every guy that makes it in this sport.

PRO MMA: Your next fight is at XFC 7 against Scott Barrett. What are your thoughts about him?
Chad Corvin: He has the same style as me. He likes to keep it standing, and is a real fireball.

PRO MMA: What advantages do you believe you have over him?
Chad Corvin: We both have wrestling in our background, but I believe my biggest physical advantages will be my height and reach.

PRO MMA: What is your prediction for the fight?
Chad Corvin: First round TKO with me being the winner.

PRO MMA: Assuming you win against Scott Barrett, do you have anyone in mind you would like to fight next?
Chad Corvin: No, I’m not the kind of person to call anyone out. All I want is to fight respectable opponents, and continue progressing my career.

PRO MMA: To reach and compete at the highest level of MMA, what skill sets do you need to improve on?
Chad Corvin: Boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai. When I started, I was just a tough guy. Now I want to learn all the skills necesarry to compete.

PRO MMA: How comfortable do you feel with jiu jitsu and submissions?
Chad Corvin: I always have more to learn, but I feel comfortable on the ground with submissions and submission defense.

PRO MMA: Well, thank you for your time, Chad. Do you have anybody you’d like to thank?
Chad Corvin: Submit Gear (, and all the local guys at home who help me prepare for my fights.

Be sure to catch Chad Corvin in action at XFC 7 – School of Hard Knox in Knoxville, Tennessee. For more information about XFC 7, visit

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