There was a press conference today at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles, California to promote the Affliction: Day of Reckoning event scheduled for January 24, 2009.

Here are some of the more notable quotes from today’s presser:

TOM ATENCIO – Vice President, Affliction Clothing
“Our first event in July was stacked, Day Of Reckoning promises to be more action packed and better. The undercard is unbelievable too. “Day Of Reckoning includes 11 great matchups, a stacked card with an explosive main event between Fedor and Arlovski. That will be such an incredible fight between two complete warriors.”

BRUCE BINKOW – Chief Marketing Officer, Golden Boy Promotions
“On behalf of Oscar de la Hoya and Richard Schaefer we are proud to help promote this bout. That is what Golden Boy is about, putting on the best bouts with the best fighters. We are happy to continue our affiliation with Affliction, the Trump group, M1 and WAMMA, as I think together we make a great team. January 24th will be a successful night on all fronts.

“One of the reasons Golden Boy is involved is because of the quality and caliber of the fighters on this podium. It is our tradition to put on the best events no matter what promotion company they are with. Our goal is to have the best cards possible.”

DONALD TRUMP – Trump Organization (Not in attendance)
“On behalf of The Trump Organization, Don Trump Jr. and Michael Cohen, welcome to the Los Angeles press conference for Affliction’s Day Of Reckoning event. January 24th will be nothing less than an amazing night of action featuring the best mixed martial arts athletes competing against one another. The headline championship bout of Fedor vs. Arlovski for the WAMMA title is being described as the greatest match up in the history of the sport. Each of the bouts has been carefully picked by Tom Atencio. These bouts are so intense that any one nof them could have been the night’s headline attraction. I look forward to seeing all of you on the 24th at the Honda Center for another unparalleled Affliction Entertainment event. Thank you.”

STEVE BASH – Vice President, M-1 Global
“We are very honored to be part of this great card with Affliction, Golden Boy, and Donald Trump. Andre started his career in an M1 stage, and went on to have a great career with UFC. It’s good to see it come full circle for both fighters. Thedor unfortunately can’t be here, but it’s very important for the American Audience to see him at his best shape, and he promises to perform at his best abilities.”

MERIT TULLY – Director of Media Communications, Honda Center
“On behalf of The Honda Center, we are just as excited for this event as the rest of you. We had an incredible event in July, there are events that have a historical significance before they even happen, this is definitely going to be one of those nights.”

DAVE SZADY – Chief Executive Officer, WAMMA
“On behalf of WAMMA, it’s great to be associated with promoters like Affliction, Golden Boy, and Trump. They know that if you want to be the best fighter, you have to fight the best. No matter what promotions company you come from.

“WAMMA has the best rankings out there, since we are independent of any other affiliations we are proud of the rankings we have put together. It is our pleasure to have our number one ranked heavyweight and our number two ranked WAMMA contender battle it out for the championship. One belt, one champion, and we are proud to be on this card.”

MICHAEL LYNCH – Chief Operating Officer, WAMMA (Not in attendance)
“WAMMA is very pleased to sanction the January 24th match between the reigning WAMMA Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion Fedor “The Last Emperor” Emelianenko and #2 ranked Andrei Arlovski as a WAMMA Championship fight. MMA fans worldwide will be treated to an outstanding night of fights featuring the very best fighters in Mixed Martial Arts today, highlighted by a main event with the WAMMA Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship on the line.”

TITO ORTIZ–Former UFC® Light Heavyweight Champion
“All of you guys are witnessing, what is Tito gonna say next? Tom Atencio is a good friend of mine too. I’m not going to fight for Affliction, but I will be a color commentator that night. I think I know a little bit about MMA, so I think I could do a great job. I’m looking forward to commentating move for move the action happening in the ring, just explaining it from my point of view. I’ll be doing nothing but commentating, but I’m excited to give my opinion on what is going to happen. I will be the best commentator I could possibly be, but we have to let these guys do what they do best, compete.”

FIGHTERS (In attendance except Fedor whose quote is provided).
“This time is at the right time for me, I’m focused on my fighting career. It’s an honor to be on this card, with so many great fighters and promoters.”

FEDOR EMELIANENKO (Not in attendance, comments from training camp)
“I am training very hard in the isolation of my Russian training camp as I know Arlovski is going to present a significant challenge to me in the ring,” said Fedor. “It will be an extremely competitive match for me but I will be prepared to handle whatever happens in the ring that night. I am glad to be fighting back in the United States also and welcome all the fans who will be there live or watching the pay-per-view.”

“Everybody wants their fight to be the greatest; everyone thinks theirs will be the best. You can put any two people in the ring, and talk about what’s gonna go on, but until you put on those gloves and step into the ring, you don’t know what’s gonna go down. I am confident and I know I will own the crowd and my opponent that night.”

“He’s a very good friend of mine, and a brother. But when we get in the ring on January 24th we’re gonna put on a show. There is a lot of power behind this show with all the promoters, so it’s going to be a great night with the lineup they have put together.”

“This bout is gonna be a great bout just like the rest of the bouts on the card, it’s an honor to fight on a card like this. I heard Golden Boy is promoting the show. I’ve always wanted to box professionally. Hopefully with Golden Boy being involved they can give me that opportunity in a boxing/MMA event. I know Arlovski’s fight is gonna be a great fight, but I think our fight is gonna be the best of the night.”

“Here we go again, I’m back to fight Sokoudju. He’s a very strong fighter. He’s knocked out a lot of great athletes, he didn’t have the best luck at UFC, but it should be a great fight.”

“It’s honor to fight Babalu, I studied his moves when I was coming up, and so it should be interesting trying to use some of his moves on him.”

“I’m really excited to be a part of this card, me and Dan are gonna throw it down. I’m want to show what the young bloods, the next generation of fighters, have to show.”

“I know I’m fighting Chris and I want to thank him for the fight, should be a great match.”

“I fought a lot in Mexico; the guy I’m fighting is a champ in Mexico. I hope a lot of Mexican fans will be supporting us during the fight, because I fought a lot in Mexico and they have a lot of respect for the sport.”

“I was waiting six months for a fight to happen, that’s a long time for me. He’s a good fighter, I fought him before, he’s only gotten better since then, and so we’ll see if I got better.”

“I’m really excited to get down on this card, I’m undefeated, you guys may not know me, but I’m excited to put on a good show”

“This is my first big shot at an A level show. Back in the day I remember seeing him fight at 170, and I thought to myself I’m gonna have to fight this guy one day, and it’s great to be able to do this.”

“Most of you guys probably don’t know me, I’m not a big talker, not a trash talker, if you don’t know me, you will after Affliction.”

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