by: Jack Bratcher

Spike TV is a channel with programming primarlity dedicated to the male 18-34 demographic. Not only does Spike TV cater to MMA fans by being the home of The Ultimate Fighter but it’s also the home of TNA Professional Wrestling. While professional wrestling and professional mixed martial arts are worlds apart at their core, there are some fringe siimilarites in that they both depend on physical athletic entertainment.

One of our very own, Frank Trigg, has been making his transition slowly week by week into the world of pro wrestling. He started out on TNA by commentating on the wrestling matches of his friend Kurt Angle; someone who coincidently had expressed interest in the past of trying his hand at MMA. Well, Kurt hasn’t made it into MMA yet but his buddy Trigg has finally gotten physical in the world of pro wrestling.

Tonight on TNA Kurt Angle had a match with A.J. Styles. These two have had an on-going storyline on the show that saw A.J. mistakenly attack Frank Trigg from behind out in the parking lot thinking it was Kurt Angle. Then we saw Trigg get in the ring two weeks ago and call out A.J. styles with a great monologue that inflamed Styles. He came out of his dressing room just long enough so Kurt Angle and his girls could attack some friends of A.J. who were still in the dressing room.

Sounds complicated right? If you haven’t seen Pro Wrestling lately, the storylines they have nowadays envy any episode of my Grandmother’s old favorite, “The Young and the Restless.” So after Kurt Angle lost his match to A.J. Styles tonight, Frank Trigg jumps into the ring, picks up A.J. Styles and throws a big bodyslam on him. Then Trigg grabs Styles’ leg and twists it until his buddy, Angle comes in and takes over twisting the leg. Trigg then bends down, takes out a silk handkerchief and wipes the sweat off the brow of A.J. Styles taunting him.

It was hilarious and exciting and I found myself cheering! I can’t believe I actually made it through the whole episode and actually enjoyed it for a few minutes, especially since the rest of the episode I was falling asleep in my chair. Let’s face it, if it weren’t for Trigg’s involvement, there’s no way I would be watching. As a big fan of Trigg with my own Trigga number of #357, I can only hope all this TNA doesn’t take away from his preparation for his upcoming World Victory Road MMA fight.

ProMMA has been following Frank Trigg’s venture into the world of professional wrestling and we will continue to bring you updates on his TNA appearances. In a day and age when Mixed Martial Artists are finding new opportunities of earning income outside the sport by doing everything from movies, to music videos, to American Gladiator; I must admit It is pretty exciting to see one of the MMA legends mix it up in the world of Professional Wrestling.

Not all MMA athletes are maikng huge incomes, so a large number of them need to supplement their income outside the sport and I suppose pro wrestling is just as good a way to do that as anything else. In fact, I think it’s a very good way because not only is it extremely physical and can help keep him in shape when not in an MMA training camp, but iit also keeps his name out there in the public eye which in the long run can make him more marketable.

I’m all for our athletes making as much income possible and succeeding in every area of life. While Trigg hasn’t had an official pro wrestling match yet, tonight was the closest thing to that as he actually got to whip up on the opposition. I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before Trigg is flying off the ropes and performing all sorts of crazy moves in the ring. Best of luck Trigg and way to kick A.J. Styles’ ass!