WWE SmackDown 7/9/15 live results, updates, video highlights

It’s champion vs. champion tonight as Heavyweight champ Seth Rollins is set to do battle with Intercontinental champ Ryback — and after Brock Lesnar dispatched J&J Security Monday night, it looks like Rollins will have to fend for himself this time. Also, Big Show is scheduled to fight Roman Reigns, Rusev makes his return to … Read more

Long and revealing Vince Russo interview on TNA, WWE, more

Vince Russo had a pretty lengthy conversation with Donald Wood and the Ring Rust Radio team. Here are some of the highlights. Donald Wood: Recently you closed your Pyro and Ballyhoo website and started The Brand on The Relm Network, and you also write for several other websites. While you have been keeping busy, TNA … Read more

Pics of Vinny Mac’s rules for WWE announcers leaked

Another leak of WWE materials surfaces and this time it’s Vince McMahon’s rules for ringside commentators and announcers. A Squared Circle user has posted eight pages of what looks to be real instructions and rules given to WWE announcers a few years ago. This is about everything from how they should dress down to specific phrases … Read more

3 Most epic quad tears in WWE history

I take NO pleasure in watching an athlete hurt themselves, but sometimes the memory of them lingers. Occasionally, an injury spawns a one of the greatest memes in wrestling history. The Kevin Nash quad tear meme is widely known. Check out one of my favorites.   Here are three of the most unforgettable quad muscle tears … Read more

Watch Brock Lesnar go berserk on J&J Security’s Cadillac *VIDEO*

Seth Rollins had the nerve to call out Brock Lesnar Monday Night on Raw. And even though Rollins brought J&J Security with him and they were all armed with axe handles, they didn’t expect Lesnar to answer the call wielding a couple of fire axes. Lesnar then proceeds to go apes**t on J&J’s prized Cadillac … Read more

WWE Monday Night Raw 7/6/15 live results, updates, video highlights

Join us here at PMN tonight for LIVE updates from Monday Night Raw taking place in Chicago. Word has it that Brock Lesnar will be returning tonight. What more do you need to know? The action kicks off at 8 p.m. ET / 5 p.m. PT. * Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman open the show. … Read more

WWE SmackDown 7/2/15 results, updates, video highlights

Join us tonight for SmackDown updates coinciding with the SyFy broadcast starting at 8 p.m. ET / 5 p.m. PT. * Seth Rollins opens the show with J&J Security talking about how he’s cemented himself as the greatest ever. He announces Dean Ambrose will face Bray Wyatt tonight and he’ll face Roman Reigns. Cue the … Read more