Breaking news: GSP out 10 months with torn ACL, Condit vs. Diaz for interim welterweight title at UFC 143

UFC President Dana White broke the news via his twitter account just a few minutes ago:

GSP blown acl will be out for 10 mos. Now Condit vs Diaz for the interim welterweight title on Feb 4th in Las Vegas!!

Georges St. Pierre had to pull out of their previous fight against Nick Diaz with an injury to his knee a while back, but it appears that has fully torn his ACL which will have him sidelined for almost all of 2012. Carlos Condit had just agreed to face Josh Koshcheck in the co-main event and will now face Nick Diaz for the UFC weltweight interim title. There is no word yet in regards if Josh Koscheck will remainĀ on the card.

This is a smart move for the UFC as the show will still feature a title fight and will ensure that they will have a champion provided that GSP can’t return to action as scheduled. However, this will be a significant blow as GSP vs. Diaz would most likely been a monster in regards to PPV buys.

Stay tuned to Pro MMA Now as more details become available.

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  • Cliff Speed

    I hate to hear this news about GSP. Hopefully he can come back and fight on the same level as he did before. I’d hate to see him lose a step because of this.

    So now do we have to listen to more ridiculous, childish comments from Nick Diaz about how GSP is ducking him again?

  • hurtMYass

    This is fucking bullshit — bullshit. no one gives fuck about an interim title. GSP is a scared bitch. Even if he and Diaz eventually fight now he has an excuse of why he’s going to lose. bullshit.

  • Cliff Speed..what up homie…good to see you here…and yep…he is already lauching his ducking tirade more than likely….

    What’s lost in all of this is how sick of a fight Condit/Diaz will be….good gawd

  • Blakey Danger

    Diaz/Condit will be a more interesting fight, but fuck that interim bullshit. It doesn’t mean a damn thing. Now GSP will come back and be 75% of what he used to be and lose his title and all that. Sorry, Georges, should have fought him the first time I guess.