Big winner at Team Shamrock tryouts & Strikeforce’s newest fighter: Victor Cheng

Coming off his victory this past weekend in the annual Team Shamrock tryouts, Swedish MMA fighter Victor Cheng accomplished a career milestone. PRO MMA ( was on hand for all the action in downtown San Jose.

In doing so, Victor received the opportunity to fight on Strikeforce’s proposed upcoming June 6th card in St. Louis. Victor spoke to The INFO, the official podcast of PRO MMA, earlier this week and let us in on a little secret. Cheng decided to compete in the tryouts on Monday, traveled Wednesday and fought Saturday.

Despite the short notice, Cheng not only shined with his well rounded technique, but also his conditioning. Victor completed each portion of the calisthenics before any other competitors. “At home we train every day, and when you go you go!”

Prior to his North American debut for the San Jose based organization, Cheng will be fighting on April 25th in Sweden. Not having any preference, Cheng looks to finish the fight in whatever fashion his opponent gives, “I am always looking to train my weaknesses. Whatever he gives me is what I will do.”

Along with his coach, Reza Forotan, and his gym, Gladius MMA in Sweden, Cheng feels confident he has the people around him to maximize this opportunity. However, when staying in the US, Cheng will make the Frank Shamrock academy his home. “Reza is also from Frank’s school and I will represent team Shamrock when I travel here.”

To hear PRO MMA’s ( full interview with Victor Cheng, along with guests Darren Uyenoyama, and Tim McKenzie, check out this week’s episode of The INFO.

By:  Eddie Constantine

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