Tate victorious at Freestyle Cage Fighting

LaRosa vs. Tate in 2009?

PRO MMA can exclusively report that Miesha Tate defeated Jessica Bednarek at Freestyle Cage Fighting on Saturday. Tate (5-1) stopped Bednarek (4-2) after landing an over hand right that sent Bednarek to the floor.

Tate followed up with a series of elbows and punches before the referee stepped in and stopped the bout in the first round.

The Tacoma, WA native has won three straight fights since losing to Kaitlin Young in late 2007. Bednarek has dropped two of her last three bouts; however, she had won her first three pro bouts by way of TKO stoppage.

A win for Tate puts her one step closer towards meeting her dream opponent Tara LaRosa. PRO MMA will have an exclusive interview with Tate on next week’s edition of “The Info.”

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Note: “Fast Eddie” Constantine contributed to this report.

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  • This is nice, whoever wrote this article and posted the photo knows NOTHING about women’s mma. Tara Larosa, the absolute best American female in the world, who fights at 125, hates Miesha Tate, who fights at 135 (nice eil jab at Tara with a photo from cave times that she would just as well burn if given the chance). In women’s mma there are weight divisions believe it or not. Tara Larosa is 16-1-0, you need to earn the privilege to fight her. While Tate’s camp’s capricious campaign to call Tara out is crafty, it is not short of assinine. Tate can earn her right to fight women of ascending value, her claim to fame in defeating Elaina Maxwell, who was 2-2, with 3 fights to Michelle Maher and one to Gina, is hardly a lever to “fame”. When Tate’s management was “looking” for an opponent, why did they ask Tanya Evinger for her AMATEUR girls who barely had 2 ammy fights? We call that cherry picking. The ONLY reason they are after Tara is because they know it will NEVER happen. Tara has a concrete belief system, and will not fight above her weight, so they know it will never happen. How about Miesha fight Tanya Evinger, Tanya will NOT back down, but they will NOT fight Tanya (who IS in her weight class and IS a wrestler). My last point in this rude article; Jeremy Horn and Jen Howe seriously predate Caraway and Tate. This article was a great attempt at propaganda, but fortunately people like myself an my friends and partners who know women’s mma know the truth about whats going on and rather than get angry just laugh at the Pro Wrestling style antics that these people have resorted to to get a blink of “fame”. -Lana Stefanac

  • Lana,

    I’m having trouble understanding why your so upset with me?? I wrote the bulletin about Karma because I felt like Jessica Bednark thought it was going to be a breeze of a fight for her or she wouldn’t have taken it before such a big fight opportunity with Tonya, I mean how would you feel if someone took a big fight with a more experienced fighter such as Tonya two weeks after your supposed to fight her, I felt insulted because I didn’t see any reason why she would do that unless she thought for sure she was going to walk right threw me. I never would have taken a fight two weeks before Elaina no matter how hard or easy because I think its for one, its unprofessional because now she left Tonya scrambling for an opponent and you don’t see pro men doing that and the 135lb womens division is full enough that we don’t have to take fights whenever anymore, so if it was a missunderstanding on my part then sorry but I just couldn’t percieve it any other way at the time, I really believe she thought I would be a warm up for Tonya.

    As for “Cherry Picking” I don’t remember ever asking to fight one of your ammy’s, but I have asked for amateur girls to fight my girl stephanie who’s still amateur??? Who is the girl you say I tried to fight? plus I’m not trying to point fingers cuz I have no problem with Tonya but she was supposed to fight Sarah Weeks who at the time had two amateur fights and now I hear she’s set to fight an 0-1 girl as her Jessica replacement?? Anyways I don’t care but I don’t see why your coming down so hard on me… I’ve step up a few times and faught tough girls not to mention I took the fight with elaina up a weight class. Also I have EVERY intention of fighting Tara even if I have to make 125 (although she just fought at 130lbs) to do it and its not because we don’t get along its because she’s the best and thats where I want to be and I know I have to work my way up there but I didn’t say I wanted to fight her tomorrow I said within the next year. Alexis Davis came into the fight with Tara with a 6-1 record……..mine is now 4-1 so I don’t believe I’m that far off, and if you look closely at Tara’s record she’s fought girls with less experience than me, Cody Welchlin was 1-1 when the fought back in Nov ’07 and she fought Julia Berezekova who was 0-0 and Tara was 12-1 at the time!!!!! If you ask me that seems more like Cherry picking, I’m going to step it up this next year and fight some even tougher girls and I’m coming after Tara just like every other girl in this sport who wants to be at the top SO I hope that clears things up a little

    Take care

  • derek

    Miesha your wrong about Jessica. She committed to your fight before she commited to the Evinger fight. I know this because Im her manager. She did take you seriously and it wasn t a slap in the face. she is a firm beliver in honoring promises. she promised FCF be fore we had anything in the works for Evinger

  • derek

    we also let the people know what was on the agenda. Jessica was taking both fights on short notice because both of you had other opponents back out. thats the truth. The people knew she already had a fight with you. They were running out of options. and I told them that if she gets hurt or is suspended which happened. she wouldn t be able to fight Evinger. Please get your facts together before you start bashing people. Have you ever agreed to take on a world class opponent ( you and Evinger ) with less than 2 weeks of preporation?

  • I see miesha going FAR.