Rage in the Cage 115 – recap and play-by-play

by: Cory Brady

Tucson, Arizona was host to an exciting night of fights last night when Rage in the Cage 115 came to The Desert Diamond Casino. There are many that have yet to realize, but Roland Sarria’s Rage in the Cage is one of MMA’s most successful and longest running promotions. The event had it’s birth in Arizona way back in 1998 and a jaw-dropping 115 events later it shows no signs of slowing up . While many other MMA organizations seem to be falling apart at the seems, maybe they can look to Rage in the Cage as a blueprint on how to remain successful for an extended period of time. The fighters are top notch, announcers on point, ring card girls beautiful, and the overall production value is a sight to behold.

Any MMA fan in the southwest area should make it a priority to make it out to a Rage in the Cage event in the near future. Known for consistently putting on high paced and exciting fights, last night was no exception. It was an action packed night filled with finishes and a total of 12 bouts with 3 title fights on the card that left every soul in attendance with a feeling that they had gotten more than their money’s worth. Let’s take a look at how the night’s action played out.

Andre Ortega (142) vs Justin Cuevas (140)
The night’s first fight set a tone of what was to follow. The two fighters came out in the 1st round and locked up early in a clinch. After working for positioning for a short time, the fight went to the mat. On the ground Justin Cuevas worked for an armbar and then transitioned over to a triangle attempt. When that didn’t work Cuevas was able to transition back to the armbar where he was able to force the tap at 2:28 of the first round.

Mario Zabalza (140) vs Michael King (146)
These two came out and got right to business. They traded blows and King seemed to have an edge on most of the exchanges. Michael King was able to seal the deal with knees and punches at 2:58 of the first round giving him the TKO victory.

Terry Paroz (177) vs Dominique Alexander (167)
The first was an action packed round that saw nothing but stand up. Alexander was able to land quite a few devastating leg kicks on Paroz that had him visibly wobbled as the round came to a close.

The second round saw Alexander pick up where he left off in the first as he attacked Paroz’s legs with more brutal kicks. The leg kicks were able to set up a big head kick for Alexander which he followed up with more leg kicks to force a verbal tap from Terry Paroz just 1:18 into the second round.

Orion Cowell (159) vs Sammy Ciurdar (153)
The first was a rather uneventful round that saw the two working for positioning in the clinch most of the round. The round ended with Cowell scoring a takedown.

Cowell was able to secure a takedown early in the second round and control from the top position until the round came to an end.

In the third round Ciurdar scored an early takedown. From there he was able to take Cowell’s back and work for a rear naked choke until the round came to a close.

The judges awarded the split decision victory to Sammy Ciurdar

James Gutierrez (185) vs Luke Imhoff (174)
Gutierrez came out in the first round working some really good body punches and leg kicks. From there Gutierrez was able to take Imhoff to the mat where he secured a rear naked choke at the 1:21 mark of the first round.

Jacob Ortiz (186) vs Gabe Thomas (189)
If there was a pre-fight staredown award for the night these two would have won hands down. When the bell sounded Ortiz came out and secured an early takedown where he worked some really good ground and pound before taking Thomas’ back and working for the rear naked choke. Thomas was able to get out of it and get back to his feet only to be taken right back to the canvas by Ortiz where he secured the fight winning rear naked choke at 2:59 into the first round.

Shawn “The Iceman” Frye (208) vs Brian “The Hebrew Hammer aka Screech” Zimmerman (199)
This bout provided some serious comic relief for the night. During the bout the announcer noticed that Frye looked very similar to Chuck Liddell while his opponent, Brian Zimmerman, bore an uncanny resemblance to a heavy set Screech from Saved by the Bell and mad sure that the crowd noticed it as well. In not time the fight had turned into the battle of The Iceman vs. Screech.

The two came out in the first exchanging back and forth shots. the round ended up with Frye in the top position looking for a submission. It’s safe to say that Zimmerman aka Screech was saved by the Bell this time.

Early in the second Frye was able to score a takedown where he locked up a solid rape choke and rained down some ground and pound. Zimmerman ended up turning over giving Frye his arm which he happily latched onto for the armbar submission victory at 2:14 of the second round.

Cory Edwards (181) vs Todd Whitzel (180)
Whitzel comes out in the first and secured a takedown. The fighters got back to their feet where Whitzel scored a second takedown. Again Edwards scrambles back to his feet only to get taken down yet again. This time Edwards is able to slap on a nasty armbar to force the tap at 2:39 of the first.

Jeff Horlacher (186) vs Rudy Baez (181)
The fighters clinch up early in the first and Horlacher ends up going for a standing guillotine choke. Baez is able to break free and they exchange a series of blows. From there Baez was able to take Horlacher down and apply an armbar that gave Baez the win at 2:20 into the first round.

Eric Regan (167) vs Chad “Bam Bam” Dietmeyer (162) SW Welterweight Title
Dietmeyer lands a big right hand and takes Regan down right away in the first. After a low in the action the referee stands the two fighters up where Regan is able to score a takedown. Dietmeyer reverses Regan and works for an anaconda choke as the bell sounds.

Just like the first round, Dietmeyer opens up with a big left/right combo and takes Regan to the canvas. There’s another low in the action that prompts the referee to stand the two up only for Dietmeyer to secure another takedown before the round came to an end.

Chad came out in the third and scored another early takedown. The ref stands the two back up and Dietmeyer takes it right back to the ground. Regan is able to reverse the position and the round ends with the two men on their feet exchanging blows.

Chad Dietmeyer wins the SW Welterweight Title by Unanimous Decision in a dominating performance.

Jason Trevino (158) vs Cory Johnson (156) SW Lightweight Title
Jason Trevino from Team Xtreme Couture looked extremely impressive as he scored an early takedown where he worked a keylock to force the tap at only 1:30 into the first round.

Eddie Arizmendi (185) vs Tyler Brooks (185) RITC Middlewieght Title – Main Event
Eddie Arizmendi looked awesome while defending his Rage in the Cage Middleweight Title. He was able to secure an early takedown and take Brooks’ back where he sunk a deep rear naked choke that forced the tapout at 1:09 of the first round.

To view any of these fights check out www.ragein thecage.com where they will post all of the fights for your viewing pleasure in the next couple of days.

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