Flashback Friday: Sapp vs. Helwani

We saw super heavyweight fighter and pro wrestler Bob Sapp pick up a rare win at Rizin’s New Year’s Eve show with a decision over Akebono. For this Flashback Friday let’s look back to a strange verbal sparring match he had in 2012 against well-known pro wrestling fan turned MMA media mogul, Ariel Helwani, who may be a lightweight in … Read more

Shine Fights, VFC, XFC, and ShootBoxing Picks

War Machine is just one of the fighters in action this weekend
War Machine is just one of the fighters in action this weekend

Last weekend was a pretty solid effort on my part. I went 11-3 with 1 NC, which brings my overall record to 35-8 (6NC). For those keeping track at home that is an 81% picking rate. However, I failed to include the Ben Askren and Ricco Rodriguez fights from last weekend, so this week I hopefully got all the possible match ups covered. This week we take a look at Shine Fights, XFC, VFC, and some ShootBoxing. As always if you think you know better, let me know in the comments section.

XFC 9 – Evolution
War Machine (9-2) vs. Mikey Gomez (9-7)

Despite his reputation as a troublemaker and a general oddball, Mr. Machine does have some MMA skill. It would have been better to see him face off against Roger Bowling, but due to injury fans get Mikey Gomez instead. Machine should be able to take Gomez down from the clinch and punish him enough to earn a late round stoppage.
Pick = War Machine

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Mamoru Yamaguchi wins in ShootBoxing

World ranked flyweight MMA fighter Mamoru Yamaguchi scored a huge victory in ShootBoxing on Monday. The former two-division Shooto champion defeated number one ranked 123-pound ShootBoxer Naguranchun Masa M16 via decision. The win marks the third ShootBoxing fight by Yamaguchi, and it puts him in contention for the promotions 123-pound championship.

ShootBoxing is a K-1 style sport that incorporates takedowns, followed by immediate stand ups, and standing submissions.  Although it was not an MMA fight, PRO MMA (promma.info) still has the info.  Yamaguchi decided to go outside the sport of MMA after dropping the final chapter of his trilogy against Shooto 123-pound champion Shinichi “BJ” Kojima. With an 0-2-1 record against the champion and a lack of quality opposition, he decided to get a fresh start somewhere else.

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