Pablo Popovitch discusses MMA debut: A exclusive interview

With the sport of MMA on its continual rise, when competitors from the high levels of other sports decide to make a move into MMA, it is news. This ranges from the freak-show side of it with guys like Jose Canseco, the more legitimate side of it with guys like Herschel Walker, and the very … Read more

Fighter Profile: Sammy Rodriguez – “I am forever grateful, and because of that I fight”

Sammy Rodriguez lays on the ground and pound.
Sammy Rodriguez lays on the ground and pound.

(In one of my final posts for I did a profile on Sammy Rodriguez, a fighter out of Highlander Tampa, prior to his fight with Team Jorge Gurgel fighter Taylor Ruscin.  Sammy is a great guy and I was very impressed with what he had to say on how he got into fighting and why he fights so I wanted the PROMMA.INFO readers to have a chance to see it as well.  – Furby)

I first met Sammy Rodriguez prior to “ICF: Breakout” at US Bank Arena. I was hanging out with Fight Ribbon Co-Founders Brent Thompson and Scott Wells the night before the big event and we met up with Highlander MMA founder Mike Yanez and Rodriguez to hang out and catch up.

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