Ikuhisa Minowa’s dirty half-dozen

Fans who are still sick from Anderson Silva’s technical fight against Thales Leites will soon get some medicine. On May 26th, DREAM presents their Super Hulk tournament, which is sure to be jam packed with the type of ring-rope-contained violence that Silva detractors crave. The matches are borderline absurd.

There is not one fight between two fighters in the same weight class, and it includes the headline-grabbing bout between baseball’s premiere juicer, Jose Canseco, and South Korean giant, Hong Man Choi. Although many bloggers and pundits have proclaimed that Canseco has no business in this tournament, no one has noted that another entrant belongs in this tournament the same way Michael Phelps belongs in Olympic swimming pools.

Ikuhisa “The Punk” Minowa first stepped into the ring back in 1996. In his first ten bouts he put up an uninspiring 1-8-1 record, but he was undeterred, and now he finds himself with a winning record and as veteran of 79 fights.

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