NFL: Watch Giovani Bernard get destroyed by Vontae Davis *Video*

Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts made a statement today with a 27-0 win over the Cincinnati Bengals. However, that wasn’t the only statement made in the game as Colts defender Vontae Davis absolutely destroyed Bengals running back Giovani Bernard. Check the footage below: Talk about getting stopped right in your tracks!  I’m sure Cincinnati … Read more

PRO MMA exclusive interview: Rex Richards (part 2)

Last week we brought you PART 1 of our two-part PRO MMA ( exclusive interview with former Indianapolis Colts NFL linebacker turned pro MMA fighter, Rex Richards.

Rex has fought in Strikefore, King of the Cage, and the Art of War organizations. In part two, we learn where Rex will have his next bout as well as what he needs to do to achieve his goal of fighting in the UFC.  He discusses how he matches up with the current UFC heavyweights, including the only man to ever best him, Shane Carwin.

Rex also  talks about his school in Abilene, Texas and the very competitive sales industry he works in. It has been said, “it’s the age of the super heavyweights” and Rex Richards is helping lead the charge in the evolution of MMA. 

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PRO MMA exclusive interview: Rex Richards (part 1)

Rex Richards had a successful career playing professional football for the Indianapolis Colts. He was one of the large ones, a linebacker who weighed in at 350+ pounds. He was living many a young boy’s fantasy, however, he had dreams of being a fighter.

With a record of 7-1 he’s done very well for himself at super heavyweight but this pro athlete has his heart set on the big leagues. Rex Richards will not be satisfied until the cage door locks behind him as he enters the UFC’s Octagon and to make that happen he will have to get down to the 265 lbs. weight limit.

On February 20th, Rex will fight his final bout at super heavyweight and then it’s nose to the grindstone work to prepare for his first heavyweight bout. The UFC scouts already have their eye on him. They want to see him fight at least one fight at heavyweight. The plan is set, the gears are in motion, meet what could very well be the next BIG addition to the new era of UFC Heavyweights, Rex Richards.

Read morePRO MMA exclusive interview: Rex Richards (part 1)

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