A different kind of fight: Fight Ribbon Clothing Company’s visit to Kosair Children’s Hospital

For those of you not familiar with Fight Ribbon Clothing Company, and its co-founders Brent Thompson and Scott Wells, they are making some major waves in the MMA clothing world. Fight Ribbon makes and sells clothing and training gear and have outfitted such fighters as Julio Gallegos, Josh Cooper, Jason Bradshaw, Mark Crawn, George Oiler, Tim Cook, and Jeremy Pender, just to name a few. Check out their website to see their gear on UFC fighters Justin McCully and BJ Penn.

Additionally, Fight Ribbon is putting the finishing touches on some exclusive clothing and gear that will only be available to members of their fight team, The Fight Ribbon Team which was formed by the co-founders and currently has four fighters on the roster: Gallegos, Cooper, Bradshaw, and Reaction MMA founder Rob Nickerson.

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