M-1 Global and Strikeforce announce record numbers for worldwide broadcast of “Fedor vs. Rogers”

Photo: Strikeforce - Fedor made his Strikeforce debut by knocking out Brett Rogers on CBS television.

Fedor’s thrilling knockout victory over Bret Rogers viewed by over 25 million homes.

(PRESS RELEASE) M-1 Global and Strikeforce announced today that the international audience reports from broadcasters all over the world revealed an unprecedented number of viewers for the November 7th “Fedor vs. Rogers” MMA event from Chicago, Illinois.

“We are extremely happy with the preliminary broadcast reports,” said M-1 Global CEO Joost Raimond.  “The demographics of these numbers were very promising as our network broadcasting partners in the U.S., Russia, and Korea reach an enormous audience alone.

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Gegard Mousasi vs. Thierry Sokoudjou photo gallery

Photo by Jack Bratcher/ProMMA.info - Sokoudjou has the eyes of a killer.

One of the most anticipated fights on Strikeforce’s Nov. 7 “Fedor vs. Rogers” card was the bout between “The African Assassin” Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou and Gegard Mousasi. Sokoudjou is fast and powerful, and came out strong in the first round. He used his judo to throw Mousasi, and landed some vicious leg kicks.

In round two, Mousasi landed some big punches while on his feet. The fight then went to the ground and Mousasi gained the position advantage on top. From there he rained down heavy strikes that Sokoudjou was unable to defend and eventually ended the fight.

ProMMA.info snapped a complete photo gallery of the fight, as well as both fighters at the post-fight press conference. Enjoy the photos, then check out the complete “Fedor vs. Rogers” gallery in the ProMMA.info photo album.

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Jason Miller vs. Jake Shields photo gallery

Photo by Jack Bratcher/ProMMA.info - Few fighters can work a crowd like "Mayhem" Miller.

Jake Shields and Jason “Mayhem” Miller fought an intense five round middleweight title fight at Strikeforce – Fedor vs. Rogers on Nov. 7. Shields wanted no part of Miller’s striking and repeatedly tried to get the fight to the ground.

Well-versed in the grappling game himself, Miller defended the submission attempts of Shields, and at one point had the Cesar Gracie protege in serious trouble with a rear-naked choke. Shields rallied, kept the pressure on Miller, controlled the pace and position, and took home the unanimous decision.

We snapped a complete photo gallery of both fighters, including “Mayhem’s” flamboyant entrance, the bout itself, and their attendance at the post-fight press conference. Enjoy these photos of Miller and Shields after the jump, then take a look at our complete “Fedor vs. Rogers” gallery in the ProMMA.info photo album.

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Strikeforce compensates both Davis and Miller for cancelled fight

Deray Davis and Mark Miller weighed in for their Nov. 7 Strikeforce fight, however, due to time constraints, the fight did not happen.
Deray Davis and Mark Miller weighed in for their Nov. 7 Strikeforce fight, however, due to time constraints, the fight did not happen.

Strikeforce Director of Communications Mike Afromowitz confirmed with ProMMA.info today, that both Mark Miller and Deray Davis not only received their show money, but each fighter was also given their win bonuses.

The decision was made once a subsequent fight could not be secured for each fighter on a local promotion’s upcoming event. This was the honorable thing to do for the San Jose based promotion and will go a long way in building integrity for the organization.

The welterweight fight between Miller and Davis was originally slated to be on the undercard of the Nov. 7 Fedor-Rogers event that took place in Hoffman Estates, Ill. and aired live on CBS.

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My chance encounter with Ray Mercer – a study in text message addiction

Photo by Sherdog - Ray Mercer is one cool dude.

I want to share one of the highlights of our trip to the Strikeforce – Fedor vs. Rogers event which took place this past Saturday, Nov. 7, 2009, in Hoffman Estates, Ill., just outside Chicago. ProMMA.info VP Denny Hodge picked me up about 6:30 a.m. in Kentucky for the roughly nine hour drive to our destination.

First stop – check in at our hotel at the Candlewood Suites. This was the media hotel Strikeforce had recommended. I think there was a special media rate but the lady from the hotel who was in charge of special rates never seemed to be available.

We got to the hotel. I slept most of the way, while “The Mad One” did what he does best: text and drive. If you’ve never experienced riding with someone addicted to texting, let me tell you, you will not soon forget it. I truly believe his condition is worsening because we’ve gone on many of these trips to cover events and he was manifesting new signs of addiction I had not previously witnessed.

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Fight Camp 360°: Fedor vs. Rogers (full version)

Premiering tonight at 8:30 p.m. CT on Showtime is Fight Camp 360°: Fedor vs. Rogers. The show focuses on the origin of Fedor’s lucky sweater (Sweater of Ultimate Victory) and how his mother made it before his first fight. OK I lied, it’s not about the sweater, but I wish it was. Instead, the show … Read more

Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Rogers conference call (audio)

ProMMA.info was on the “Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Rogers” conference call today. It was a fairly long call as each of Fedor’s questions had to be interpreted. Also, Strikeforce has been good about granting media access to MMA websites, but now they need to tighten the reins a bit in my opinion. We’re starting to get … Read more

Fight Camp 360°: Fedor vs. Rogers UPDATE

PRESS RELEASE – NEW YORK (Oct. 29, 2009) SHOWTIME Sports cameras were entrenched in the training camp of undefeated American powerhouse Brett “The Grim” Rogers in Minneapolis earlier this week as he prepares for the highest profile fight of his career.

On Saturday, Nov. 7, Rogers faces world No. 1 ranked heavyweight fighter Fedor Emelianenko in the main event of “STRIKEFORCE/ M-1 GLOBAL: Fedor vs. Rogers” LIVE on the CBS Television Network (9:00 PM live ET /delayed PT) at the Sears Centre in Chicago.

SHOWTIME Sports is completing FIGHT CAMP 360°: Fedor vs. Rogers, a 30-minute documentary preview show for the landmark event. FIGHT CAMP 360°: Fedor vs. Rogers premieres on Tuesday, Nov. 3 at 9:30 PM ET/PT on SHOWTIME and is available for broadcast on CBS affiliated stations nationwide.

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Jake Shields, Jason “Mayhem” Miller, Scott Coker – Strikeforce conference call notes & audio

Jake Shields will fight Jason "Mayhem" Miller for the Strikeforce Middleweight Title on Nov. 7.
Jake Shields will fight Jason "Mayhem" Miller for the Strikeforce Middleweight Title on Nov. 7.

Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker, along with Jake Shields (23-4-1) and Jason “Mayhem” Miller (22-6), participated in a national media conference call on Wednesday to discuss their upcoming Strikeforce Middleweight Title fight scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 7 as part of the “Fedor vs. Rogers” undercard.

Here are highlights from today’s call:


“As far as stacked cards go our history with our promotions with SHOWTIME and now with CBS our cards have always been stacked from top to bottom. And I think that’s one of the great things for our fans is that they get to watch not one but two, three, four, five fights. They get to see great fights and the stars. And it’s no difference with our Chicago card. You get to watch Fedor, Jake and Miller … and it’s all for free and you don’t have to pay $49.95. So we’ll continue this journey of putting on cards with fights four or five bouts deep. That’s the mandate. To book as much talent and get the greatest fights that we can.”

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