Charles Fey invented the slot machine in 1895; the simple machine was called Liberty Bell. It operated on the lever and playing cards. With the advent of technology, slot machines are now the state of the art equipment incorporated with 3D, 4D graphics, free spins and amazing soundtracks. Joker123 is such an advanced version of the slot. After decades slot machines are predominant in casino floors and evergreen among millennials. Ro allurer tech-savvy young generation developers have developed skilled-based slot machines. The idea behind this is millennials do not want to spin the wheels of slots randomly; they want an element of skill in the game. 

Skilled based slot

Skilled based slots are more interactive, but the term skill-based in this referendum is misleading. RNG (Random Number Generator) is the driving force behind regular slot machines. Sheer luck determines the result of the spin-independent of previous outcomes. You spin and pray to hit th and stockpot, and no external factors influence the game’s result. You can choose a machine with high RTP to improve the odds, but it does not ensure success. 

A skill-based slot introduced an element of control over the game to bring a bit of skill. This feature is manifested in bonus rounds. Suppose you are playing Wild West themed slot game, where you need to shoot outlaws to earn credit. The more you hit, the more credit is earned. Many forefront developers are coming with skilled-based slot games to attract new players, infusing an element of skill in retro slot games. In modern games, some element of skill was absent in previous versions. 


In contrast to regular slot bonus rounds where outcomes are completely arbitrary, some control is introduced. You may observe nine tubs; three gives you a bonus. It seems you gave a sense of control, but the three tubs that provide a bonus is unknown. You cannot make a conscious choice, and the odds are random. Like other newly published games, skill-based slots have much potential but need refinement. But the major fallacy is that skill-based slots depend on the player`s skill. In reality, skill-based slots operate like regular ones, and the outcome is random. Only when you activate the bonus round, do you insignificantly influence the result. At most, a few points in RTP gets increased. 

High RTP

A skill-based slot mostly comes with 90-96% RTP; the six percentage difference depends on how dextrally you play the bonus round. Many players think the introduction of skill-based slots has infused a new gambling style; it is not taking the industry by storm but making a difference. Skill-based slots are not ended to the path of winning; look for machines with high RTP. Machines with high RTP offers a better chance of winning over a longer period. The machine’s odd shine with 96% area is better than 92% RTP. RTP of land-based slots are not revealed, but in online casinos, it is displayed in the information segment of the game.