One of the most common sights that the player sees when they visit any online gambling website is a wide array of slots. There is a wide range of titles on display in the internet gambling centres, and they come with various options and themes. Anyone looking to make huge money with just one spin should look to try the jackpot and the progressive titles. The progressive games are the best option to help turn an ordinary spin into an extraordinary win that can add millions of pounds into the bettor’s account. On top of the game screen, there is an ever-increasing jackpot amount mentioned, and these types of games fall in the jackpotit category.   

What Is a Jackpot Slot Machine?

A jackpot slot machine is one that gives out the maximum possible win on a single spin. To win it, usually, the bettor needs to land a designated symbol or the highest paying icon 5 times on the reels on a virtual spin. Sometimes, hitting 5 wilds on the reels consecutively from left to right offers the huge prize. The newer machines do not require the player to place the maximum bet to gain the maximum payout. The player is also not required to place bets on all the lines to get rewarded with the highest win. These titles come with a fixed big prize. They can also offer life-changing wins sometimes. These types of slots offer the highest payout and hence fall in the richest games category in the iGaming sector. They come with seven-figure prize money.  

What Makes the Slot Machines Progressive?

The jackpot of the game progresses with every spin. The bets that the gambler places on the game are added to the jackpot prize in these slots. This process will carry on until someone hits the jackpot prize. The meter once again resets to the lower base prize and starts its progression every spin. For example, if the machine has a prize offer of £1,000 and a percent of the wagers are added, then for a bet of £1, the prize amount changes to £1000.01. This is how the machines turn progressive. The prize amounts constantly increase and are suited for the high-rollers willing to risk their money on betting. 

The progressive jackpots are available in all sizes. A few of them start with a small amount, and they can offer frequent hits. There are others starting in millions. It would take a long time to register a hit, maybe even years. This is the reason many gamblers look to play slots that offer frequent jackpots. They know that they have a chance of at least hitting the big prize and this keeps them rolling. The big prize is won when a winning combination of the highest payout is achieved. They are hard to win and are the most expensive slot machines to try for a bettor.   

What Are the Popular Progressive Titles?

The progressive slot machines are a feature in all the leading and popular online casinos. Nowadays, the reputed and licensed online gambling software suppliers and developers design these kinds of online machines to meet the gambling needs of the slot enthusiasts. The main reason for their huge popularity is the hefty prize money that it carries that can run into millions of pounds. Some of the games offer better quality and gaming experience than the others.  The bettors try them out because they come with bigger and better prize-winning opportunities. Some of the most popular titles in this category are:

  • Mega Moolah from Microgaming;
  • Mega Fortune Dreams from NetEnt;
  • Arabian Nights by NetEnt;
  • Jackpot Giant from Playtech;
  • Hall of Gods from NetEnt.

Winning Progressive Jackpot Slots 

There are plenty of jackpots on offer when it comes to progressive casinos. There are no complicated and confusing steps to be followed to win them. They are like the regular slots, and a player does not have to take any special training or learn many strategies to try them. The main difference between the classic and these progressive slots is the prize money, and this is not a small difference at all. Another thing is to bet with a maximum wager to get a chance to hit the biggest win. One thing the bettor needs to bear in mind when playing the progressive slots is that the chances of hitting a big win are very slim.

There is no magical formula to help the gamblers gain easy wins here. The big wins registered have happened due to the presence of the slot feature that triggers at random. Luck plays a major part as it is a game of chances, and no strategies can help in boosting the winnings. The main aim of the bettor should be to trigger the special rounds that might lead to a bonus round. Some of the titles might have a wheel of fortune to spin, and some others would come out with mini, midi, or maxi jackpot rewards. 

  • The rewards for these type of games are triggered at random;
  • No shortcuts or cheats are available to help a gambler to win the massive reward;

How to Boost the Chances of Winning a Progressive Slot?

The following are some of the factors that the gambler needs to look at to increase the chances of winning progressive titles. 

  1. Look Out for Overdue Jackpots

Playing the titles that have not churned out a massive payout recently is a good idea. These top titles accumulate after a while, and with more and more players playing it, the jackpot amount increases. Search for the highest jackpot amount in the games lobby and try your hands at these titles. Who knows – a win could be around the corner.  

2. Play the Free Titles at First 

There is no big deal trying out the progressive slots, but a smart move is to try the free titles at first. This gives the gambler the option to know the game better and get used to how it works out. This is the chance to test out its features, to know the important symbols, and is a chance to see if the gamer likes the title or not. 

3. Play with the Maximum Wager 

One of the best chances a player has to boost the chances of winning such titles is to bet with the maximum available wager. This does not mean that a big win cannot be registered by placing small to medium-sized bets. Placing wager that suits the budget is the best option. But, occasionally taking the risk of betting with higher amounts can improve the chances of winning big incredibly. 

4. Make Good Use of Bonuses 

When looking to play jackpot titles, it is advisable to look at the award boosting rewards offered by the casino. This provides you with extra money to go for the kill. They might be in the form of welcome bonus or bonus spins or cash rewards. 

Closing Thoughts 

Progressive slots can trigger a massive win with a single spin. To enjoy better returns, it is better to try titles with the highest RTP. Knowing the game rules and the features of the slot before betting with real money comes in handy. Letting the reels spin manually is better than putting it on ‘Autoplay’ mode. One thing to bear in mind is to stick to the budget and bet wisely.

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