The Most Lucrative Boxing Betting Strategies

Boxing is like any other sport that involves two individuals pitted against each other. There are basically three main outcomes – either a win, a lose, or a draw. And still, there are tens of different boxing betting strategies, especially when it comes to betting on the winner. For example, the winner might beat their opponent by a K.O. or by points. They might win in the first or in the twelfth round, etc.

As we mentioned, there are various boxing betting strategies. Not all of them, however, are profitable. In order to become a successful sports punter, you must dedicate enough time to studying different boxing betting strategies in order to find the one that best suits you.

Having spent years studying various bookmakers reviews we have found the following boxing betting strategies to be the most lucrative. Try them out and find out firsthand how successful they really are.


  • Moneyline betting strategy


In essence, this betting strategy is the same as betting on the outright winner. Moneyline betting strategy is simple and that is why it is common among novice players. The most important element of the moneyline bet is picking the outright winner.

With moneyline bets, it is pivotal to understand how odds work as they are utilised to balance the competition. A negative number next to a boxer’s name means that they are the favourite to win the bout, and if it is a positive one, then you are looking at the underdog. Keep in mind that bets placed on the favourite yield smaller returns.


  • Over/Under betting strategy


If you feel luckier than usual, you might want to try out the over/under boxing betting strategy. If you believe that your fighter will beat in the first rounds or that he will have to go the whole distance to win, then this betting strategy is perfect for you.

What is interesting about this betting strategy is that it does not matter who wins, just that the fight lasts as long as you have predicted.

If you bet on under, then you place a wager on that the bout will not last longer than you have estimated. Conversely, if you bet on under, then you need to make sure the bout will last for longer than you have predicted.

When betting on over, you should also consider the judges. You might not know this, but some referees are notorious for stopping bouts early and some have been doing so ever since they became judges. So, whenever the bout is to be judged by a referee who favours early stoppages, you should refrain from betting on over.


  • The method of victory betting strategy


This is a more complex betting strategy and it is is largely based on boxers’ skills. In general, you must estimate what are the chances of the referee to stop the fight before the final round has ended.

This betting strategy requires you to pick one of the following possible outcomes of the bout – either a point win, a stoppage win, or a draw. In order to place a winning bet, you need to do your homework on both fighters and on the referee and estimate the outcome you consider most likely to happen.

Bookmakers will offer different odds for all possible outcomes. Keep in mind that the negative number odds represent the most likely outcome. Similarly to moneyline bets, where negative odds yield smaller returns, betting on the most likely outcome here will provide you with the smallest return. On the other hand, the higher the number, the lesser the chance of reaching that result and, consequently, the bigger the return.


  • Knockdown special betting strategy


The boxing betting market is huge. And since there are so many betting options available, there are all sorts of betting strategies that come with these betting options.

The knockdown special betting strategy requires you to estimate whether one or both fighters will be knocked down during the fight. Here, you have to consider boxers’ fighting styles and experience. Naturally, if one boxer is more experienced than the other, it might be better to bet on the underdog to get knocked out. If you believe the game will be an all-out slugfest, you can bet on both fighters to get knocked down.


  • Round betting strategy


You might be surprised, but a great many boxing punters utilise the round betting strategy. With this strategy, you have to bet on the bout winner. What is more, you have to specify in which round the bout will end. There are alternative round betting markets where you are allowed to group different rounds together. This provides more leeway with the wager.

It is important to mention that the round betting strategy provides some of the best odds, because it is difficult to estimate in which round will the bout end.

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