Josh McRoberts is the 2014 Indiana 132lbs Golden Gloves champ who fights out of B-Town Boxing in Bloomington, IN. I recently got the chance to talk to him and ask him some questions about his match and a few other things.

So what kind of mind set do you have before a match?
McRoberts: I’m more relaxed because I know I’ve trained my hardest. I know if I go out too aggressive during a match that won’t be any good, but I know this is a fight and I have to bring it.

Did the fact that this was your third time competing for the golden gloves make the victory sweeter?
McRoberts: It definitely made it more significant because of all the hard work I put in. I felt it was my time and I sacrificed a lot. I knew I was going to win that fight.

Did you work on anything specific for this fight?
McRoberts: We worked on my power because I moved up in weight from 125lbs to 132lbs, and towards the end of my training we worked on my speed and outside fighting.

What are your future plans for Boxing?
McRoberts: In the next year or so I’d like to compete as much as I can until next year’s golden gloves, after that I will hopefully be competing in nationals. Eventually I would love to become a professional boxer!

Who is your favorite pro Boxer and why?
McRoberts: My favorite boxer is Andre Ward because of his amazing talent and fundamentals; I also admire his faith as a Christian.

What do you think of stand up in MMA? Particularly boxing in MMA?
McRoberts: I think there are definitely differences in MMA Boxing and regular Boxing, but I feel like they use a little bit more power punching in MMA. In Boxing it’s more about technique.

You mentioned you admired Andre Ward’s faith, how does your own faith factor in to your mind set?
McRoberts: My faith keeps me focused knowing God will protect me and give me the strength to conquer all obstacles in the ring and in life.

You can follow Josh McRoberts on twitter, his Twitter handle is @jmcroberts21. You can also follow B-Town Boxing, their Twitter handle is @BTOWNBOXING.


By Tyler Saito

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