PRO MMA exclusive interview: Luke Rockhold

PRO MMA’s ( “Fast Eddie” Constantine caught up with Strikeforce middleweight and American Kickboxing Academy prospect; Luke Rockhold while at the Josh Thomson media day on Tuesday. Rockhold is coming off two straight victories in Strikeforce over Josh Neal and Nik Theotikos.

Rockhold will face Team Quest’s Buck Meredith on April 11th at the Strikeforce “Shamrock vs. Diaz” card. “Fast Eddie” grabbed a few words from the young 185 pounder prior to the pro practice at AKA.

PRO MMA: Luke, how has the training been going for the fight?
ROCKHOLD: Its going good. I’m training as hard as ever, at AKA we don’t mess around. Just doing everything that I have to do to win the fight.

PRO MMA: (Laughs) Have you gotten taller since the last time I saw you? Every time I see you it’s like you keep getting bigger!
ROCKHOLD: (Laughs) I’ve got a pretty big family. My dad is six-foot-eight but I think I’m stuck at six-three and I’m not really hoping to get any taller (laughs). I’m comfortable where I’m at.

PRO MMA: How is the weight looking? Are you looking pretty close to being on weight right now?
ROCKHOLD: The weight is perfect. Right now I am right under 200 pounds, that is pretty much where I try and make my cut and then bulk back up. I am trying to stay as big as possible. I had a little test cut last week and I’m perfect. I am ready to go.

PRO MMA: How many fights are you looking to fit into this year?
ROCKHOLD: Oh, I know Javier (Mendez) is hoping to have quite a bit. I don’t know, I am hoping no more than six. That’s quite a bit but we’ll see how it goes. I need to make some money so it is time to up the anty a little bit.

PRO MMA: You got the submission over Nik Theotikos the last time we saw you in November. Is that where you are looking to take the fight, on the ground? Or are you looking to show off your stand up?
ROCKHOLD: I’m just going to take whatever (Meredith) gives me. I know he hasn’t fought in a while but I know he is pretty well rounded from what I’ve seen. I think he had a full three round stand up fight with Alan Belcher and he submitted Alex Schoenauer. He’s a tough Team Quest guy, he’s got good wrestling and if I can overwhelm him on the ground I will and if I feel comfortable on the feet…I’ll take it there. What ever happens, happens. You always have to have a back up plan.

By: “Fast Eddie” Constantine

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