WWE: Appeasement vs Empowerment

Appeasement means to pacify or placate (someone) by acceding to their demands. The term is most popularly used to describe the political policies of the British governments of Prime Ministers Ramsay MacDonald, Stanley Baldwin and Neville Chamberlain towards Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy way back during the build up to World War 2. The policy … Read more

Underrated Female Legends: The Pioneers who started the Divas revolution

As WWE retired the WWE Divas Championship, an entire era came to an end. The last era of women wrestlers was completely ignored by the masses. People weren’t ready to take women wrestling seriously and were not interested in watching them compete. Despite this a few of them managed to make their presence known. These … Read more

Jim Ross comments on Ronda Rousey wanting to be WWE Divas champion

WWE Hall of Fame announcer Jim Ross shared his thoughts on UFC women’s bantamweight champion and megastar Ronda Rousey saying she wants to become WWE Divas champion. In a new blog post over at jrsbarbq.com, Ross writes: “Ronda Rousey and her camp, influenced by The Rock, are strategic in their thinking. Rousey has a huge payday … Read more

Catfight! WWE Divas kicked out of restaurant on Sunday

WWE Divas Paige and Alicia Fox were kicked out of Baltimore’s Supano’s Prime Steakhouse, Seafood, and Pasta on Sunday night. A regular customer reportedly began harassing them for photos and videos. Harmless enough right? WRONG! This lead to drinks being thrown between the two sides. The restaurant staff separated the two sides and booted them from … Read more

Former WWE Diva arrested for shoplifting

Fifty-year-old former WWE and WCW talent Nicole Bass was arrested Tuesday evening for allegedly stealing over at $1,000 worth of groceries and beauty supply products from a Queens Stop & Shop supermarket according to the New York Post. Bass was able to cut a deal with prosecutors and will face no jail time as long … Read more

4 Gorgeous Divas & Their Celebrity Lookalikes

To a lot of WWE fans, ring divas and female fighters represent some of the most beautiful women in show business. And after all, it makes a certain sense. The women of WWE work tirelessly to stay fit and look their best, combining natural good looks with fitness to match or surpass any Hollywood beauty … Read more

PMN interview: WWE Diva Paige talks Fastlane, Total Divas, Sting and more

PMN had the pleasure of speaking to WWE Diva Paige on Thursday in the lead-up to her match against Nikki Bella on Sunday at Fastlane for the Diva’s title. In addition to talking about her upcoming match, Paige also talked with us about her Total Divas experience and what that has been like and if we’ll … Read more

WWE’s best ever bodies

Let’s be honest; there are some really, really great bodies in WWE – and some not quite so pretty. And, by the way, the latter are always the villains. So let’s concentrate on a few that are the best of the best and atop the whole pile on the guys’ side of the fence has … Read more