Worst Fight Ever: South Indian Movie Fail

Here at ProMMAnow.com we strive to bring you the best and this time it comes via our Worst Fight Ever series. Watch this scene from the super hit classic action film, Kaalam Vellum. Starring: Jai Shankar, Vijayakumari, Nagesh, O.A.K. Devar, Vijayalatha, M.R.R.Vasu. Singers: T.M. Saundarajan, L.R. Eshwari, Sirgazhi Govindarajan, P. Sushila, Madhuri. Music: Shankar Ganesh. … Read more

WFE: Indian Jackie Chan fails at cool

His name is Rajinikanth and he is an Indian superstar and Asia’s second highest paid actor after Jackie Chan. This movie is called Chandramukhi (we think), and it ran in theaters for almost 2 years. It made history in Indian cinema grossing multi-million dollar profits worldwide. It is still so bad it is good. As … Read more

Monday WFE: The Strangest and Worst MMA fight ever | VIDEO

Ever wonder what it would be like to fight in another country with no idea of how MMA is supposed to be run or sanctioned? Nope. Not me after watching this mess. The cage door flies open, a cornerman walks in and punches one of the fighters, and general insanity rules the roost here. We … Read more