Enzo Amore drops another music video

I’m going to apologize in advance here. Enzo Amore got a raw deal by WWE releasing him due to the rape accusations which turned out to be false. Yes, he failed to notify them but at the time it looked to be no big deal and he thought the police would solve it quickly. He was wrong. Still, he didn’t have to start dropping Enzo style rap videos on us. What did we do to him? The latest is called Bury me a G. Check it out…

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Real G Talk: Wanna Be Thug Gets Punked And Money Taken

It’s tough in those streets out there. A lot of young kids see the thug/hustler lifestyle and try to front like they’re living that life. However, you have to be careful out there in the event that you run into somebody that’s REALLY living that life. Case in point the video below: Real G: ¬†What’s … Read more