Brock Lesnar plays with guns

Remember Super Nintendo’s Duck Hunt video game? UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar plays the live version here on his back porch. Many people seem to have the misconception that fighters are just a bunch of meat head brutes, but Brock proves he might just blow your freakin’ head off if you talk crap. I foresee … Read more

High School Mixed Martial Arts

Marcelo Siquiera teaches MMA at Winchester High

by:  Jack Bratcher

What if when you were in High School they offered an MMA class as an option? There are many of us who were not too interested in team sports and preferred those sports that relied upon your own efforts to win or lose.

Enter Winchester High School in Winchester, Massachusetts where they have a mixed martial arts club. How cool is that? It could very well be the only high school program of it’s kind in the country.

The story goes that In-Goo Kwak, a senior at Winchester, began petitioning school officials for the program when he was a freshman as an outlet for those who were not drawn toward traditional sports.

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