Kevin Lee straight up says he’s ‘waiting for someone to die’ from weight cuts

Kevin Lee said what others might have been thinking about the way weight cuts are going. Fighters are struggling to make their weight class limit and some are ending up in the hospital from the strain on their bodies. Even Dana White is attempting to address the solution and has made his case for weigh-ins … Read more

Anthony “Rumble” Johnson deservedly moves up to No. 5 in the UFC Light Heavyweight Rankings

Following an impressive victory over Phil “Mr Wonderful” Davis at UFC 172 this past weekend, Anthony “Rumble” Johnson has jumped from No. 14 in the UFC light heavyweight division right up to No.5.

Heavyweights weighing down Fedor

Even though it does not matter in the least, nothing seems to rile up MMA followers like a good old fashion pound-for-pound debate. Some push for Anderson Silva, while others campaign for the so-called Last Emperor, Fedor “M-1 Global” Emelianenko.

Of course, there is no right or wrong answer, since pound-for-pound is an entirely subjective system. However, these past two weekends have illustrated the argument against Emelianenko’s transcendent status better than any blogger ever could.

Andrei Arlovski, a fighter who has long been recognized as a top five heavyweight, was defeated on June 6 in only twenty-two seconds by prospect Brett Rogers. Five months prior, the entire MMA community bore witness to another episode of Emelianenko’s supremacy as he starched the same Arlovski late in the first round.

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Lesnar helps make case for weight class change

by: Jack Bratcher

As Randy Couture stepped into the Octagon tonight at UFC 91 and stood toe to toe with Brock Lesnar at the stare down I actually became afraid for the Champ.

It was only then that I finally realized just how enormous Brock Lesnar really is.

The size difference was so great one must wonder, how is this even fair? This got me to thinking, why in the world is the weight category for heavyweight so large?

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