Hell in a Cell: The Undertaker vs. Triple H – Full Match from Wrestlemania 28

http://youtu.be/jxSwtBG8wmE In honor of the WWE’s Hell in a Cell pay-per-view coming up on Sunday, Oct. 26, let’s take a look back at this classic Hell in a Cell match between Triple H and The Undertaker. WWE Wrestlemania 28 took place on April 1, 2012 in Miami.  The Streak was 19-0 at the time and … Read more

Epic post 2002 Raw segment, pretty much everyone daring Undertaker to Spinaroonie

On August 12, 2002 after Monday Night Raw ended The Undertaker ordered Booker-T to do a Spinearoonie. Booker agrees and does it, but what The Undertaker wasn’t aware of, was that Vince McMahon had set him up. After Booker’s Spinaroonie, he tried to get The Undertaker to do an The Undertakerroonie. Taker refused, so The … Read more

Update on Undertaker’s health, reaction to the streak ending, Vince

  According to Lordsofpain.net, The Undertaker is still pretty banged up from his match with Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania XXX. There is still no indication that Taker won’t be back for next year’s WrestleMania 31 event. There are higher-ups in WWE who believe that Vince McMahon didn’t make the decision for The Undertaker to lose … Read more

Rare old school Undertaker “shoot” promo on RAW

Check out this rare Monday Night Raw video of the Undertaker “shooting” on Vince McMahon. A shoot is when a wrestler or someone in the business breaks character and usually gives behind the scenes information. It was extremely shocking because even today Undertaker doesn’t break character. Ever. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_-hdLhozNog[/video]

Undertaker to hospital last night?

According to WrestlingNewsSource.com the Undertaker was sent to the hospital last night. Here is what they reported. There’s ongoing speculation in regards to what the condition of the Undertaker is tonight after it’s emerging that The Undertaker has seemingly been taken to hospital. A Reddit user has claimed the following: “My dad works for WWE. … Read more

Big news on Sting’s WWE future

Sting has always been the biggest name to never work in the WWE. He is a devout christian and believes clean family values are something to live rather than quote. The talk for years has always been about a Sting vs. Undertaker match ever since Sting made a comment about his dream opponent being Taker. Now it appears that just may happen – real talk, for real this time.