Cormier on Gustafsson, ‘I don’t feel bad for him at all’

Daniel Cormier spoke to Ariel Helwani on the popular The MMA Hour about his upcoming bout at UFC 182 in January with UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones, and why he was chosen to replace Alexander Gustafsson. Cormier’s insertion in to a title fight with Jones led to the now infamous brawl that cost Jon his six … Read more

Jose Aldo finally takes notice of McGregor, says ‘Nothing stands out’

Conor McGregor hype train now boarding seating millions of fans and the entire country of Ireland. Ever since McGregor made his first UFC appearance it has been hype city wherever he went. With natural talent, charisma, and the skills to back up his Sonnen style trash talk it is not surprising. After crushing Dustin Poirier … Read more

Mike Goldberg’s damage control after NFL flubs Twitter tirade

In case you live under a rock Mike Goldberg sucked as an NFL on FOX announcer and was removed from this week’s broadcast. He messed up names, confused offensive team players with defensive, and just generally flubbed his duties. Shortly after the disastrous outing Goldberg let trolls and haters get to him with their comments … Read more

Anderson Silva’s rooting for Belfort in Weidman fight

Anderson Silva has returned to the media spotlight after two back to back losses to 185 pound champion Chris Weidman. Chris ushered in a new era and knocked Silva out to win the belt before outclassing him in the rematch up until Silva broke his leg. Weidman beat Lyoto Machida next showing the world he … Read more

Korean Zombie is out for 2 years due to military obligations

UFC featherweight Chan Sung Jung nicknamed “The Korean Zombie,” is taking, is being forced to take rather, a hiatus from MMA for at least the next two years. Koreans have a mandatory military service requirement of two years for all South Korean males. Jung’s manager Brian Rhee talked with’s Ariel Helwani. “He feels bad … Read more

Montage of Tito Ortiz’s epic fail usage of the English language

Whenever Tito Ortiz gets on the microphone bad things happen. In honor of his upcoming fight with Stephan Bonnar here are some lowlights of Tito attempting to conduct post fight interviews. Trust me when I say this, if you can watch this without cringing you are A) Laughing too hard, B) Watched 30 seconds before … Read more

Dear Dana: One thing the UFC could do to increase US viewership now

Dana White UFC

Dana White you are the man, and I urge you to at least read this to the bottom. Before I start let me say to you who are reading this that no idea is original. Someone, somewhere has had your idea and if no one else has –  it is an extremely rare occasion. They … Read more

Roman Reigns to appear on tonight’s RAW, update fans on injury

WWE superstar Roman Reigns was injured earlier this year and required emergency surgery for a hernia. Since then the rising star has been sidelined and this has allowed the extremely popular Dean Ambrose to truly showcase what he is capable of. WWE is not shy about their love for Reigns and the thought of him … Read more

UFC has made a lot of millionaires, guess who’s first on the list.

The UFC is where the big boys play to steal from WCW.  Dana White speaks out often against fighter complaints of unfair pay, and why the UFC doesn’t pay fighters Mayweather money. MMA Manifesto whipped up this amazing list of money fighters have banked over the years and it’s a doozy. These are earnings after the … Read more

Rousey vs. Carano not likely to happen after all, thanks De Niro

UFC women’s bantamweight titleholder Ronda Rousey had been rumored to expect the return of Gina Carano, now that is likely not happening. Academy Award-winning actor Robert De Niro is the reason. She will be filming a movie called “Bus 657” and along with De Niro she will stand beside Guardians of the Galaxy star Dave Bautista. … Read more