Mike Goldberg finally releases statement on UFC release

The voice of the UFC to many was play-by-play commentator Mike Goldberg. “It is allll over” and “reign supreme” are just a couple of his famous quotes and he will be missed. Goldberg was released after UFC 207 with no fanfare at all from the UFC despite his years of dedication.  Fans and fighters alike were … Read more

Rolling Stone presents: A day (or so) in the life of Joe Rogan *VIDEO*

Joe Rogan, professional funny man, UFC color commentator and podcast host, was recently interviewed by Rolling Stone and revealed he actually worked for free when he first started with the UFC back in 2002. Rolling Stone had Rogan carry a camera around for a few days to document his daily routine and in this just released … Read more

Did you know Joe Rogan started off working for the UFC for free?

When you think back on epic UFC moments inside the Octagon, you will likely hear color commentator Joe Rogan‘s voice in your head. He’s synonymous with some of the greatest fights that have ever taken place on this planet and has been passionately calling mixed martial arts action at its highest level for more than … Read more