UFC 92 defeats “Lesnar fight” by 150k buys – Rampage to fight Evans for LHW Title

Dana White recently did an interview with ESPN The Magazine that revealed a few interesting nuggets. White is such a busy guy in an ever-changing and evolving business that something new is revealed just about every time he speaks publicly.

UFC 91, at last count did a little over a million buys. White’s statement in this interview indicates that UFC 92 blew 91 out of the water by over 150,000 buys. Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

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Talking MMA with Kevin James

MMA LIVE’s Molly Qerim, talks with long time MMA fan Kevin James. Kevin reveals his MMA knowledge as they discuss the light heavyweight title picture involving Rashad Evans defeat of Forrest Griffin and how Rampage looked at UFC 92. They also discuss the Mir’s upset of Nogueira, Kevin’s new movie, “Mall Cop,” and more.

MMA LIVE episode 34

Host, Jon Anik, along with Kenny Florian and Franklin McNeil are back this week for another edition of INSIDE MMA. Guests include Frank Mir and Rashad Evans as the boys break down what happened at UFC 92, the Dynamite!! New Year’s Eve in Japan card, and everything going on in the world of mixed martial … Read more

“One day you show up and look your age. That’s what happened to Nogueira.” -Dana White

 Dana White appeared on the Carmichael Dave show on Monday, December 29, 2008 to talk about everything that went down at UFC 92, Fedor, and much more.

White talks about the now infamous “shock pen” that got a ton of use in his UFC 92 video blogs where White went around shocking Chuck Liddell, Rampage, Lorenzo Fertitta, and other players within the UFC promotion.

White reveals that Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira went into his interim title fight with Frank Mir having just come off a case of staph infection and “other problems.” He also said, “It happens to all of us, one day you just show up and look your age. That’s what happened to Nogueira that night. Nogueira looked horrible.”

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4,465 tickets comped for UFC 92

UFC 92 may have drawn a total of 14,166 spectators this past Saturday, however, not all of them paid for their ticket. Nevada State Athletic Commission Executive Director Keith Kizer confirmed that 4,465 of fans in attendance received complimentary tickets. The 4,465 fans who did not pay made up thirty one and a half percent … Read more

THE INFO episode 6 – PRO MMA podcast

The boys of PRO MMA enjoyed Christmas and are back for another edition of THE INFO to discuss UFC 92 and K-1 Dynamite!! Jeff Howard came back for another guest host spot to join Matt De La Rosa and “Fast Eddie” Monday night. The guys talked about the futures of new 205 pound champion, Rashad Evans, Interim Heavyweight champ Frank Mir, and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson. K-1’s New Years Eve card was also a hot topic as well as the importance of Eddie Alvarez and Shinya Aoki fighting for the vacant WAMMA Lightweight Title. Despite “The Mad One’s” absence there was a usual reference made about The Hills…

THE INFO episode 6
THE INFO is the official podcast of PRO MMA – http://promma.info

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Liddell and Bonnar post-UFC 92 thoughts

Only Chuck Liddell can throw an after party for a card he didn’t even fight on. This could be a good career choice for LIddell once he retires from MMA – party planner. The Iceman gives his thoughts on what went down and how he felt about Quinton’s victory. Bonnar thinks Liddell should fight Brock … Read more

Wanderlei speaks about his UFC 92 defeat

Wanderlei Silva says he feels fine and Rampage should enjoy this win because next time it will be different. He definitely wants a rematch. Wandy also discusses a possible rematch with Liddell and a hypothetical bout with Forrest Griffin. He gives Rampage complete credit for the win and tells the interviewer it was not just … Read more

Mike Whitehead hates Rashad Evans

Mike Whitehead was in Wanderlei’s corner on Saturday night for his fight against Quinton Jackson. To say the least, Whitehead is VERY bitter about A LOT of things. He hates Rashad, he hates Brock, and all his friends have been losing. Sorry Mike. He does say however, he thinks Rashad will beat Quinton, but he … Read more