UFC announces addition of Canadian office led by former CFL Commissioner Tom Wright

TORONTO – The Ultimate Fighting Championship today announced the addition of a Canadian office which will be led by former Canadian Football League Commissioner Tom Wright. Wright also ran Adidas Canada for 11 years. The announcement came on Tuesday at a “We Love Canada Press Conference” held by the UFC at Toronto’s Rogers Centre. Although … Read more

UFC President Dana White to make major announcement next week

TORONTO – Mixed martial arts is currently illegal in Toronto. While that is not going to change over night, things could be heading in that direction. According to sportnet.ca, UFC president Dana White will be holding a press conference Tuesday at the Rogers Centre in Toronto and one topic of discussion will be the opening of … Read more

Chuck Liddell interview – video

Chuck Liddell was recently in Canada at Xtreme Couture in Toronto.  Our friends over at MMATraining.com spoke with the Iceman about several things including a potential fight with Anderson Silva and his opinion on who the best pound for pound fighter in the world is among other things.  Enjoy.

Georges St. Pierre talks Fitch battle & picks winner of Hughes vs. Serra

Georges St. Pierre talked about his fight with Jon Fitch at UFC 87 with Toronto Sports Radio a few days ago. GSP compared Fitch to “The Terminator” and said it was “very discouraging” because he could not finish him. At one point GSP said he was praying while inside the cage because Fitch, the beast, would not go down. GSP decided to go for the knockout instead of submission because so many have tried in vain to submit Fitch.

GSP is headed to Brazil to vacation and to do some BJJ training.

It seems Matt Hughes left his seat at UFC 87 during the GSP vs. Fitch fight and exited the arena because “it was a boring fight and St. Pierre wasn’t showing anything.” Wow. Does anyone believe for a second that is the real reason, if Hughes did indeed get up and walk out? Rather, one might be inclined to believe that the former welterweight champ was turning a bright shade of green and had to flee the scene before anyone noticed.

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