The Human Cockfighter Blog – Amethyst Walls

I spent the past two days painting the room of a nine-year-old girl. Three coats of three different colors went all over eight walls, covered previously with flowers and nursery rhyme verses.

The Human Cockfighter Blog: Therapy and Discipline

We have been told as children and as adults that fights only end badly, but that is not exactly the truth. All across this great country of ours men and boys are learning that a lot can be learned and gained from fighting.

The Human Cockfighter Blog – post-Bellator 26 thoughts

Pride – the positive emotion that is a product of independent self-reflection. I walk tall this Tuesday afternoon blocks away from the scene of my latest demise; tall because I am proud of my performance and latest thrust at achievement.

The Human Cockfighter Blog – Rematch

I have the biggest opportunity of my young career ahead of me. On August 26th I will fight for Bellator Fighting Championships at the Kansas City Power & Light District. My opponent will be John Ott.

The Human Cockfighter Blog – I just lost a main event title fight

We recorded another chapter in my career Friday night at the place where my career began. Whisky Tango is a huge country bar east of Kansas City off Interstate 70. I competed in the Main Event for the Middleweight Title with True Fight Fans Promotions.

The Human Cockfighter Blog – Bellator tryouts

It’s odd how at 6’5” I have been out-sized in nearly every one of my fights. I have spent the entirety of my short career in the light heavyweight division being out-muscled by shorter men. I am naturally wiry and rely on my flexibility versus strength to manipulate opponents. The only natural solution is to … Read more

The Human Cockfighter Blog – The mixed martial arts revolution

AJ Fronce, the son of a mechanic, won his second amateur MMA bout at “Fight to the Finish 5” in Grain Valley, Missouri this weekend. It took just over a minute for AJ to finish his opponent by rear-naked choke and raise his record to 2-0. Todd Brooker, a restaurant server and custom gun manufacturer’s … Read more

The Human Cockfighter Blog – I’m a wealthy MMA fighter

Following my victory over Ryan Lopez I took two weeks off to rest a sprained neck. I spent some great down time with family and friends over Christmas and New Year. Upon my rest I realized that I have a lot to be thankful for this new year. I have finished two of my last … Read more

The Human Cockfighter Blog – This one’s for you Rano Papini

Submission victory over a TUF alum on Friday night. I had a real interesting week for a 31-year-old guy. I worked out hard Sunday night with a couple training partners. After some refreshing sleep I went to the gym Monday morning for some circuit training. When I got back to my beautiful ‘93 Chevy Silverado … Read more