From Tekken to TUF: Get to know TUF 17 finalist Uriah Hall *VIDEO*

The Ultimate Fighter 17 finalist Uriah Hall will face his Team Sonnen teammate Kelvin Gastelum Saturday at the TUF 17 Finale in Las Vegas. The winner will receive a six-figure contract with the UFC. Now, in this Fightland profile, get to know the talented Jamaican native as he describes how he began learning martial arts by playing Tekken, eventually coming to the U.S. and finding his way to the Tiger Schulmann Academy. Hall also talks about the mental game of MMA and the influence Chael Sonnen had on him as a coach on the UFC reality TV show.


PRO MMA caught up with Roger “El Matador” Huerta to discuss the latest news regarding his contract with the UFC. The Lightweight star was very confident and determined about his decision, he cleared the air about reports stating he had signed a 5 fight extension, as well as making it clear that he will continue to train as a professional fighter.

PRO MMA: Roger, thank you for joining us today.
HUERTA: No problem.

PRO MMA: It had been originally reported back in early December that you did indeed sign the five fight contract extension. Your manager (Jeff Clark) told me that you did have the contract and had the intent to sign it, but had a change of heart over the holidays. Is that true?

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