Can Brock Lesnar survive the Dim Mak of Shane Carwin?

WHEAT RIDGE, Colo. –¬†Shane Carwin is an amazing specimen. In a sport where big strong muscular warriors rule, Carwin is royalty. His record speaks for itself; twelve fights, twelve first round finishes. Seven of those wins came by knockout, the rest were submissions, including at least one submission due to punches. Since Carwin joined the … Read more

BJJ spotlight: Gracie brothers breakdown GSP vs. Hardy *VIDEO*

If you’re an MMA fan, and the sons of the man who started the UFC want to teach you something , you should probably listen. Remember at UFC 111 when Georges St. Pierre kept twisting Dan Hardy into a pretzel and somehow the dude never tapped out? The Gracie brothers help explain and demonstrate techniques … Read more

MMA technique of the week: How to do a lead leg superman kick

German Baltazar, a fight team member out of Big John McCarthy’s Ultimate Training Academy, teaches us how to do a lead leg Superman kick. This is a technique that has been used effectively by fighters such as Georges St. Pierre. It’s a little tricky to learn because of the technicality, but once you get it, … Read more

Michael Bisping MMA fighting techniques video

Michael “The Count” Bisping with the help of his Wolfslair teammate, Paul Kelly, demonstrates some ground and pound, how to pass the guard to side control, and then move to full mount. Then he shows how to finish from the mounted position with a couple of different submissions.

Frank Mir demonstrates omaplata on Joanne of MMA Girls

more about "Frank Mir omaplata on Joanne of MMA G…", posted with vodpod In the past we have seen Joanne get choked out and put in various holds by professional fighters. This time she is the subject of Frank Mir’s omaplata submission. Watch and learn and hope the next time you get to roll with … Read more