TBT: That time in 2011 when Seagal invented front kicks and was behind Silva’s win

Throwback Thursday y’all. This remains one of the best unintentionally funny interviews that has ever been recorded on film. It was February 5, 2011 and a portly sensei Steven Seagal was interviewed by Ariel Helwani backstage after UFC 126. Anderson Silva had just landed the now legendary front kick to the face of Vitor Belfort … Read more

Throwback Thursday with Stephanie Eggink

Stephanie Eggink will make her Invicta FC debut this Saturday but we caught up to her after her XFC debut back in 2012. Eggink has spectacular striking and has evolved with each fight. She will meet Katja Kankaanpaa exactly one year after she captured the XFC title with a win over TUF 20 contestant Angela … Read more