UFC on FX 7 Pick-em Contest sponsored by Complete Nutrition

Complete Nutrition (www.completenutrition.com) has ponied up a couple of very nice prizes to give away for Saturday’s UFC on FX 7 card, so put on your thinking caps, get out your crystal balls, consult your aunt Lucy’s Tarot cards and let’s see if you can win one of these prizes by picking the most fights correctly.

Gamma Labs launches improved testosterone booster and signs Bobby Lashley

Almost ten years after launching their signature product GAMMA-O, Gamma Labs is re-launching the popular GAMMA-O liqui-caps, enhancing the original formulation. GAMMA-O now boasts Vitamin D, Indole 3 Carbinol and Maca Root to boost testosterone, naturally suppress estrogen and to enhance sexual performance.

ProMMANow.com product review: Gamma Labs Pre-Training Formula

As you probably know I’m a former college baseball player that used to be in excellent physical shape. A decade later and three kids(a 3 year old and boy/girl twins) has certainly taking away from my time at the gym. The twins turned one year old last month and I told myself that I’d start back seriously working out once they reached that age