Welterweight Ricky Rainey ready for Co-Main position at XFC 22

Ricky “The Sniper” Rainey will be back in action under the XFC banner, as the promotion returns to his backyard of Charlotte, North Carolina on Feb. 22nd. Rainey made his latest appearance at XFC 21 with a quick win over XFC-vet Donny Wallace, less than two minuted into the first round. The Sniper is now … Read more

South Carlonia House passes MMA bill

South Carolina's State Flag

South Carolina’s House of Representatives voted unanimously to pass a bill that would lead towards the sport of MMA being sanctioned in the state.

A 57-0 vote sent the bill to South Carolina’s Senate for its final phase. However, fans in South Carolina shouldn’t be popping champagne corks any time soon.

Originally, the bill found its way to South Carolina’s House floor toward the end of the state’s legislative session last year. Reports indicate that it may be close to a year before an MMA event is held in the Palmetto State.

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