Teddy Turnbuckle: Top 10 Most Devastating Finishing Moves in WWE Today

This is a brand new list of brutal finishers actively crushing opponents in the WWE. We have ranked all three current individual champions as well as some of the most effective and dangerous wrestlers in the business. Do you agree with our assessment? #10 The Miz – Skull Crushing Finale The intercontinental champion need not … Read more

5 things the WWE needs to do after Battleground

To think that last year Ryback was the poster boy for the WWE’s 2013 Battleground PPV. Now he wasn’t even on the pre-show…. Last night saw the Miz win the Intercontinental Championship, John Cena retain the World Heavyweight Championship, and Chris Jericho defeat Bray Wyatt in a somewhat exciting WWE special event, Battleground. 5 things … Read more

Video of Seth Rollins turning on The Shield on RAW Monday

If you are a wrestling fan this probably shocked you. The odds on favorite to leave The Shield first for most betting fans was mic master Dean Ambrose. Ambrose has incredible microphone skills and a good wrestling base. Those together make him a potential candidate to become a monster heel or bad guy. Roman reigns … Read more