Trigg defeats Olympic gold medalist at Sengoku

by: Jack Bratcher

On August 24, 2008 at the Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan, Frank “Twinkle Toes” Trigg stepped back into the ring after an eight month layoff to face Japanese Olympic gold-medalist Judoka, Makoto Takimoto. Trigg was a heavy favorite going into the fight with odds of -500 and Takimoto at +300 according to

The first round was at a breakneck pace with Trigg clearly doing the most damage. Trigg looked impressive with his transitions, head movement, and a very solid all-around game. Whether it be standing, on his back, or in the mount, Trigg’s game continues to evolve. He looked comfortable in all aspects of the fight.

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Sengoku 4 results and play by play August 24, 2008

Valentijn Overeem-def.  Yoshiki Takahashi–KO (Flying Knee)——–1    2:42
Moise Rimbon—-def.  Peter Graham——Submission (RNC Sub.)—2    0:42
Yang Dong Yi—-def.  Pawel Nastula——TKO——————2    2:15
Mizuto Hirota—-def.  Ryan Schultz——-KO (Superman Punch)—-2    4:25
Kazunori Yokota–def.  Bojan Kosednar—–Decision (Unanimous)—-3    5:00
Eiji Mitsuoka—–def.  Rodrigo Damm—–Submission (RNC Sub.)—-1    3:13
Satoru Kitaoka—-def.  Clay French——-Submission (Achilles Lock)-1    0:31
Frank Trigg——def.  Makoto Takimoto—Decision (Unanimous)—-3    5:00
Takanori Gom—-def.   Seung Hwan Bang—Decision (Unanimous)—-3    5:00

Here’s the play-by-play for Trigg vs. Takimoto:

Round 1. Trigg comes out with a leg-kick. Takimoto gets the takedown. Takimoto in Trigg’s guard. Trigg gets up and looks like he is much better while standing (as expected). Takimoto pulls Trigg down and Trigg is in Takimoto’s guard. Sidecontrol for Trigg. He tries to mount but Takimoto turns and almost falls out of the ring. The ref stands them up, and Takimoto comes out swining. Nothing seems to hit Trigg who takes him down. Takimoto is able to get half guard. Round is finished, clearly in favor of Trigg.

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Sengoku 4 weigh-in results

Here are the results for Sengoku 4 weigh-ins.  All fighters made weight.

First Round of Lightweight Tournament:

  • Clay French (69.9 kg; 154.1 lbs) vs. Satoru Kitaoka (70.0 kg; 154.3 lbs)
  • Eiji Mitsuoka (69.9 kg; 154.1 lbs) vs. Rodrigo Damm (69.9 kg; 154.1 lbs)
  • Kazunori Yokota (69.9 kg; 154.1 lbs) vs. Bojan Kosednar (69.7 kg; 153.7 lbs)
  • Ryan Schultz (69.8 kg; 153.9 lbs) vs. Mizuto Hirota (69.9 kg; 154.1 lbs)

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Gracie, Santiago, Cyborg, Masvidal will fight at Sengoku 5

Now just days away,  World Victory Road confirmed the fight order for Sengoku 4 on August 24.  Frank Trigg will be making his return to the ring after an eight month layoff against  Olympic judo gold-medalist, Makoto Takimoto in the co-main event.  Unfortunately, Sengoku 4 will not be aired in the U.S. but you can check back here with PRO MMA for all the results.  Here’s the fight order for Songoku 4:

Date : August 24th, 2008
Place : Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan

9. Takanori Gomi vs Bang Seung Hwan [Lightweight]
8. Makoto Takimoto vs Frank Trigg [Middleweight]
7. Satoru Kitaoka vs. Clay French [Lightweight GP Series 2008 1st Round]
6. Eiji Mitsuoka vs. Rodrigo Damm [Lightweight GP Series 2008 1st Round]
5. .Kazunori Yokota vs. Bojan Kosednar [Lightweight GP Series 2008 1st Round]
4. Mizuto Hirota vs. Ryan Schultz [Lightweight GP Series 2008 1st Round]
3. Pawel Nastula vs Yang Dong Yi
2. Peter Graham vs Moise Rimbon [Heavyweight]
1. Takahashi Kazuo vs Valentijn Overeem [Heavyweight]

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Takahashi vs Overeem set for Sengoku 4 – Kazuhiro Nakamura will fight at Sengoku5

Official Press Release:

World Victory Road confirmed that the Middleweight GP Series will start at Sengoku 5 on 28th September in Yoyogi National Gymnasium. Kazuhiro Nakamura drops his weight to participate in the Sengoku Middleweight GP. The other participants are Evangelista Cyborg from Chute Boxe, Siyar Bahadurzada who is SHOOTO Light Heavyweight Champion, and 2007 Strikeforce Middlweight Tournament winner Jorge Santiago.  Also confirmed was the additional fight in Sengoku 4 with Kazuo Takahashi facing Valentijn Overeem on  August 24th.

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Pawel Nastlua vs Yang Dong Yi set for Sengoku 4

Official Press Release:

World Victory Road confirmed that 1996 Judo Olympic gold medalist Pawel Nastula will fight Korean wrestler Yang Dong Yi. Yi trains out of CMA Korea and is 14 years younger than Nastula. He has fought just two professional MMA fights in DEEP, made finish by TKO in the first round in both fights.

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Takanori Gomi vs Bang Seung Hwan at Sengoku 4

PRESS RELEASE Cage Force, IFL, and KOTC champions in SENGOKU Lightweight GP Series 2008 World Victory Road confirmed that Gomi’s opponent will be Korean DEEP Lightweight Champion Bang Seung Hwan. In the SENGOKU Lightweight Champion Series 2008 1st Round, Satoru Kitaoka faces KOTC Lightweight champion Clay French, Eiji Mitsuoka takes on Rodrigo Damm, and former … Read more

Frank Trigg faces Olympic Gold-Medalist, Makoto Takimoto, at Sengoku 4 on August 24 in Japan

by:  Jack Bratcher When Frank Trigg steps into the ring on August 4th to face PRIDE veteran and Olympic Judo Gold-Medalist, Makoto Takimoto, he will be coming back from a nine month layoff.  On the other hand, Takimoto’s last fight was in March of this year.  Rumors ran rampant, negotiations were stifled, and contracts fell … Read more


Finally, Trigg gets a fight.  According to Mr. Stupp over at “The Junkie,” Frank Trigg has signed on to fight in August at World Victory Road’s SENGOKU 4. No opponent has yet been named for the sixteen and six “Twinkle Toes.” Trigg’s last fight was in December 2007 when he defeated Edwin Dewees in the … Read more