Film Study – Jorge Santiago vs. Mamed Khalidov

This weekend at SRC 12 Jorge Santiago and Mamed Khalidov face off for the second time. Back in November Khalidov stopped Santiago in a non-title affair. This time the belt will be on the line. It is time to check out the tape with Jorge Santiago vs. Mamed Khalidov Commentary This fight will be … Read more

Inside Sengoku – behind the scenes with Dave “Pee Wee” Herman

In case you’ve been in a cave, or in the shadow of Roy Nelson’s belly, Dave “Pee Wee” Herman knocked out his 13th victim (out of 17 fights) last week at Sengoku 11. Dave took on “Big” Jim York. For some reason during the fight, while both fighters were on the mat, “Big” Jim thought he would try and play with Dave’s feet. Dave was not into the “footsie” action and used his other foot to smash “Big” Jim in the jaw. “Big” Jim went night night. Lesson here: Don’t play with “Pee Wee’s” feet unless he gives you permission.

In the above video we get to see Dave with coach Ed Clay on fight day in Japan. We get to see a bit of Dave’s power as he does some warm ups with the pads. Herman’s only really been training since Feb. 2009; just imagine when this guy starts to really get comfortable with his technique.

Here is another video, after the jump, that shows Dave training. This one is also in Japan, but a couple days before his Sengoku fight. Pay special attention starting about the 5:20 mark – of course, you will have trouble NOT paying attention once you hear Dave’s kicks start landing. This dude has some serious power – and a bright future.

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Mann Talk – Mezger and must decisions

*face palm
*face palm

Guy Mezger, if you are out there listen up! This past Saturday, while Fast Eddie and Matt DLR were out living it up with Luke Rockhold, I was sitting in my dank apartment watching Sengoku 11th battle. It wasn’t that bad; I drank about five Red Bulls and went to bed at 6:30 a.m. even though I had class less than three hours later.

However, let’s put my ability to live without sleep aside for a second. Something needs to be done about the Sengoku judging system, and someone needs to explain to Mezger what the judging system actually is.

Unlike the way Pride FC did and Dream does score fights, Sengoku DOES use the 10-point-must system. I was going to count the number of times Mezger said they did not, but that would mean I would actually have to listen to the commentary.

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Sengoku Eleventh Battle live play-by-play

Tonight, live from Japan, on HDNet at 2 am EST World Victory Road will bring Sengoku back to the MMA world with their Eleventh Battle card. Despite Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Rogers being the most talked about even this weekend, this Sengoku card is stacked. The main event will feature a featherweight contenders match between Hatsu Hioki and Michihiro Omigawa. Also on the card Sengoku middleweight champion Jorge Santiago will face Polish superstar Mamed Khalidov in a non-title match. Former UFC heavyweight champion Kevin Randleman is also on the card. The full card is listed below.

Hatsu Hioki (20-3-2) vs. Michihiro Omigawa (7-8-1)
Jorge Santiago (21-7) vs. Mamed Khalidov (19-3-1)
Satoru Kitaoka (25-9-9) vs. Jorge Masvidal (18-4)
Eiji Mitsuoka (16-6-2) vs. Kazunori Yokota (10-2-3)
Kevin Randleman (17-13) vs. Stanislav Nedkov (7-0)
Akihiro Gono (29-15-7) vs. Yoon Young Kim (12-4)
Yuji Hoshino (16-7-7) vs. Marlon Sandro (14-1)
Jim York (11-3) vs. Dave Herman (15-1)
Shigeki Osawa (3-0) vs. Ronnie Mann (16-2-1)

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Sengoku spotlight: Dave “Pee Wee” Herman – exclusive interview

Dave "Pee Wee" Herman takes on "Big" Jim York at Sengoku 11.
Dave "Pee Wee" Herman takes on "Big" Jim York at Sengoku 11.

Sengoku: Eleventh Battle takes place at Ryogoku Kokugikan, in Tokyo, Japan on Nov. 7 and will air live on HDNet beginning at 2 a.m. ET early Saturday morning. Among those fighting on the card is heavyweight Dave “Pee Wee” Herman (15-1) taking on “Big” Jim York (11-3).

It will be Dave’s second fight in Japan and his second fight inside the Sengoku ring. Things did not go so well for Dave in his last Sengoku appearance when he fought Mu Bae Choi (9-4). In fact, the fight against Choi is the lone loss on Dave’s MMA record.

However, it was also the fight that caused him to really get serious about his professional career. It was the fight that caused him to seek out professional training and finally brought him to Nashville MMA in Tennessee under the tutelage of Ed Clay.

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“HDNet Fights presents World Victory Road – Sengoku 11” premiering live on HDNet

Tune in after Fedor’s fight to catch top fighters headlining this impressive card early Saturday morning, November 7, at 2:00 a.m. ET on HDNet

(PRESS RELEASE) – HDNet will broadcast exclusive LIVE coverage of “HDNet Fights Presents: World Victory Road – Sengoku 11,” early Saturday morning, November 7, at 2:00 a.m. ET from Tokyo, Japan. The event is stacked from top to bottom with a mix of top ranked talent, up-and-coming prospects, and established MMA stars.

In the main event of the evening, Hatsu Hioki (20-3-2), one of the top five featherweights in the world, meets the always-tough Michihiro Omigawa (7-8-1). Hioki is undefeated in his last nine fights, but was forced out of the Sengoku Featherweight title tournament in August due to an injury incurred in his classic bout with Masanori Kanehara. Kanehara went on to defeat Omigawa in the tournament final and claim the Sengoku title. A Hioki victory would set up a highly anticipated rematch with Kanehara.

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Sengoku 11 fight spotlight: Jorge Santiago vs. Mamed Khalidov

Mamed Khalidov vs. Jorge Santiago will fight at Sengoku 11 on Nov. 7. The event will air live on HDNet.
Mamed Khalidov vs. Jorge Santiago will fight at Sengoku 11 on Nov. 7. The event will air live on HDNet.

The past couple of weeks have been relatively slow with MMA action; but that was just so you could catch your breath for what is about to take place over the next couple of months. In about three weeks Sengoku 11 takes place at Ryogoku Kokugikan in Tokyo, Japan. The event will air live here in the U.S. on HDNet.

There are a number of great fights on the card including Dave “Pee Wee” Herman vs. “Big” Jim York, Hatsu Hioki vs. Michihiro Omigawa, and more. However, the fight we are focusing on in this spotlight is the middleweight match-up between Jorge Santiago (21-7, #6 MW) vs. Mamed Khalidov (19-3-1).

Jorge Santiago is a top ten ranked middleweight and a veteran of such promotions as the UFC, Bodog, King of the Cage, Strikeforce, and Sengoku. Having won eight of his fights by (T)KO and 12 by submission, he is very  well-rounded.

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“Sengoku 11” card coming together for Nov. 7

“Sengoku – Eleventh Battle” is starting to gather a little momentum as more names are being associated with the Nov. 7 card to be held at Ryogoku Kokugikan in Tokyo, Japan. A new banner was released last week by the organization which has King Mo front and center. Rumor has it Mo could be fighting Kevin Randleman at the event. That would be a great match-up for the rising star. Randleman, who is also known for his great wrestling ability and athleticism, would arguably be Mo’s toughest test to date.

So far, the Sengoku website only officially lists three names for the event: Jorge Santiago, Michihiro Omigawa, and Kevin Randleman. However, with King Mo and other images on the banner, more names should be released soon.

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