More PS4 Blacklight pro tips, stories, RaidenReturns receives 1st Yellow Award

Dear BLACKLIGHT RETRIBUTION developers please fix your migration issue and awful lag issues. CRASHLAG MIGRATION is the name I have coined until you fix these issues. Nothing like spending 1000 in game pts to buy a swarm missile only to get migrated, start the map over, and not have the 1000 pts back or the … Read more

More PS4 Blacklight Retribution pro tips, noobs, and stories

Welcome to another column from Blacklight Retribution monster seanmcclureky. If you play the game, you’ve seen the name. I will be broadcasting on Twitch more often soon and the channel name is my player name. First off let me say that it was a tough weekend for me. I almost died last Tuesday by accidentally … Read more

More PS4 Blacklight Retribution pro tips, noobs of the week

I owned the entire PS4 Blacklight Retribution universe this weeked. I came in first 90 percent of the time at a minimum over 20 games. Haters gonna hate. PS4 gamer tag: Seanmcclureky Title: Harbinger of Death PRO TIP #1 First off, I own with so small a number of deaths because I am smart about … Read more